Tailor-Made System Development Services

What is tailor-made system development?
It is a construction from zero or Scratch* of business application for using in a company.
*Scratch is to develop a system or software without using source code or template of package product or other software. (Quote from IT Term Dictionary “e-Words”)
~Development purpose~
To apply know-how of unique business in building a strategic system which can differentiate from other companies
Merit and Demerit
~Comparing between package software and tailor-made system~
【Package software development】
Quick delivery, stable system operation
  • Reasonable price if it matches your business
  • Functions are prepared in advance, so it can shorten implementation period
  • Stable quality because many products are available in the market
【Tailor-made system development】
Optimal functionality, user-friendly
  • Without changing any operation, you can build the system freely in accordance with your operation
  • You can develop by adding required functions respectively according to the expansion of your operation
  • You can use the system in long term because it is tailored for your operation
Limitation of functionality and scalability
  • You might lose your edge because you can use only fixed functions
  • It consumes more cost and time if you want to customize basic functions or add original functions
  • Difficult to extend the system flexibly to match with your business expansion
Take more time and cost to develop than package
  • More expensive than commercial package software
  • Development period is long, so it takes time to introduce the system
  • It may take time until the operation becomes stable
Tailor-made development methodology
~Waterfall model ~
Development processes are divided in time series. In principle, if previous process does not complete, it won’t go to the next process. Thus we can maintain quality of the previous process’s deliverables and minimize turning back to the previous process (Rework)
<Flow of waterfall model>
~Prototype model~
A method to proceed the project while repeating the process to create prototype, then verify by designer and user to create a new prototype.
<Flow of prototype model >
<Merit of prototype model>
Shorten delivery and leading to stability of quality
1) Easy to imagine actual screen
By doing requirement definition while confirming screen image, not only functionality but also arrangement of button can be specified in detail, and user-friendly system can be developed efficiently.
2) Easy to deal with requirement change
We design and implement repeatedly while confirming requirement, so even after migrating to design or implementation phase, we can receive requirement changes easily.
3)Possible to shorten period until acceptance test
Proceed the project while repeating implementation and test, we can minimize major specification change or critical bug in acceptance test phase.
Experience of tailor-made development
~Production line control system~
Improving operational error on production line
Tablet display shows production plan and achievement rate of operation on a real time basis. Also it explains which components are assembled to which semi-processed goods and how they are assembled by using picture and illustration.
~Warehouse Management System~
Improving inspection error on receiving and shipping
WMS by barcode scanner
By using barcode in parts receiving, inventory management and shipping operation, it can reduce inspection error and leakage as well as improving accuracy of inventory.
Pallet management by RFID
By attaching RFID to pallet, you know when and by whom it is used so you can control current location and minimize damage against the company asset due to loss of pallet.
Container loading optimization simulation
By simulating optimal loading method to container when carrying products by truck or ship, you can reduce waste of transportation and cost.
~Smartphone application development~

Support smartphone/tablet
Support latest iOS/Android
Download from iTunes and Google Play