iCONEXT boosts 3 services and 4 solutions
aiming to support customers in 2024

iCONEXT Services and Solutions

During the past 13 years, iCONEXT has been actively providing various services to customers in various businesses with our high-quality solutions and proficient software development team. This brings about trust and good customer feedback. In 2024, we are firmly moving forward into our 14th year. We are ready to present new solutions and services to […]

Automate daily tasks of manufacturing business by utilizing RPA

Samples of RPA in manufacturing

Amid intense business competition in today’s industry 4.0, RPA is being utilized in various industries to automate production processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that automates human’s routine tasks. It is an important technology that facilitates not only the operation of IT departments but also the operation of production processes in the […]