iCONEXT boosts 3 services and 4 solutions
aiming to support customers in 2024

iCONEXT Services and Solutions

During the past 13 years, iCONEXT has been actively providing various services to customers in various businesses with our high-quality solutions and proficient software development team. This brings about trust and good customer feedback. In 2024, we are firmly moving forward into our 14th year. We are ready to present new solutions and services to […]

Easier to obtain and maintain ISO standards!
ISO document management system leading to work time reduction with paperless

Manual management of ISO documents is difficult. Let’s manage them by a system. ISO is an abbreviation for International Organization for Standardization. It is an organization that has established international standards for products and services of the same quality level all over the world. The standards established by ISO are called ISO standards. This standard […]

Automate accounting operations by digitizing paper slips

Create journal entry for handwritten slips easily by AI-OCR Nowadays using systems to do accounting operations has become common in Thailand. However, many invoices and receipts gotten from business partners and suppliers are still handled on paper. The larger the company, the more time and effort it takes to manually enter data of many paper […]

EZControl: E-Document Control System
for organizations in the digital age

During these 2-3 years, we cannot deny that many organizations have adjusted their working styles to be more in line with working from home. Many companies changed their policies regarding IT systems and business operations to be able to work from anywhere. One of the most changed systems is the document control system. Originally documents […]

Applications for Hybrid Work and Remote Work

Hybrid working is a combination of working at the office and working remotely (e.g. working from home). This working style is very flexible and suitable for any kind of work that can be performed anywhere. Today iCONEXT would like to recommend some applications popular in organizations with a hybrid work style and work from home […]

Increase your productivity at work with our workflow system

“Request for approval and approval process” is an important task in every business. For example, in your daily work you may have to submit purchase order for internal approval, request for approval of budget, allowances, travel expenses, as well as leave. However, there are many companies that use paper-based documents and waste time and effort […]