What is Hyperautomation?
Why is it an interesting technology trend?

Hyperautomation refers to an approach of using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate tasks performed by humans as much as possible. This also means the level of automation. It is said that Hyperautomation is an important step in moving towards Digital Transformation for organizations […]

What is a Chatbot?
Benefits and how to apply in businesses

What is a chatbot?  A chatbot is a computer program or an AI based program built to simulate a conversation with a user in real time through text or speech. It uses an artificial intelligent (AI) developed to respond the conversation automatically via messaging applications as if it is responded by a human. It is […]

Quantum Computer Technology

Currently, CPU development technology has almost reached a dead end. The transistor size is 7 nanometers, and it is almost impossible to develop smaller transistors. The way to develop a new generation of computers is to use a new field of science including the quantum computer. Quantum technology is related to very small particles that […]

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Businesses using AI technology need experts who can support the business development. Nowadays, companies all over the world are increasingly using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Machine Learning, which is like the brain of AI, will automatically learn data patterns with various algorithms and apply the result in various businesses. For example, financial institution can use […]

[Machine Learning] It’s time to use AI for data analysis

“Data is the new oil” Data is the most important key for each enterprise to defeat other companies in the same business. iCONEXT understands rapid changes in today’s business environment, so we would like to introduce “DAVinCI LABS”, an automated machine learning tool to help you meet your customers’ business needs. This article is an interview […]