Neurotech and business opportunity

This article is summarized from The Standard Podcast, Neurotech EP1: 84 billion brain cells, business opportunity | Executive Espresso EP.363 The interview in this episode was conducted by Ken Nakarin Wanakijpaibul. The guests are as follows: Dr. Jirawat Tangpanitanon (Dr. Tew), CEO & co-founder of Quantum Technology Foundation (Thailand) or QTFT Dr. Sirawaj Itthipuripat (Dr. Sean), Director of Nx […]

Brain-Computer Interface
a technology to let you communicate by just thinking

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) or Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) is a type of communication technology between the brain’s electrical activity and a computer or an external device to extract the brain waves and decode them to be understandable pattern. This technology allows us to communicate more conveniently with people with paralysis, or patients with mental disorders. Normally, […]