IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

We have experience in developing IoT solutions for warehouse management system as well as logistics management system. Our systems apply IoT technology in the working area for visualization (MIERUKA) of storage location, product loading status, etc. It can help to increase work efficiency by facilitating workers and supervisors to instantly monitor the progress of work

Example of our system development utilizing IoT solutions

1.Visualization of product storage location
We developed a system to check storage location using handheld devices to scan QR code of the product on a picking list and send the scanned data to the server via Wi-Fi (Wireless Network). Then the system will search for the storage location and automatically turns on a signal light at the location of the target product. Workers can save time to look for the product because they immediately see the signal light where the product has been kept. Moreover it can prevent an operation mistake when picking the product, so work efficiency also increases.

System Features
1) The signal light is turned on/off by scanning the QR code
Workers can pick up the product without mistake because the storage location can be seen clearly.
2) The signal light can be set up via Wi-Fi
Without LAN cabling, the working area looks nice and tidy and it is also easy for maintenance.

 2.Visualization of loading status

We developed a logistics management system to visualize the status when loading products into a truck. In this system, we set up LED signal tower lights of Patlite to monitor the progress of product loading status. If the wrong product is loaded, the system will promptly send a trigger to the LED signal tower lights and the red signal light will turn on. This can help both workers in working area and supervisors in the office to see the same status at the same time, so it leads to problem solving at once.

System Features

1) Product loading status is displayed in real time by Patlite’s LED signal tower lights. Workers and supervisors know the working status all the time.

2) Work progress is displayed. Workers and supervisors can see work progress all the time.

3) Red light and alert sound will be turned on when any problem occurs. Red light and alert sound will be activated when the worker loads the wrong product into the truck. Consequently, both workers and supervisors know the same status and they can investigate and solve the problem instantly.