Automated machine learning

Automated machine learning(Auto ML) is the process of automating the process of applying machine learning to real-world problems. Auto ML covers the complete pipeline from the raw dataset to the deployable machine learning model. Auto ML was proposed as an artificial intelligence-based solution to the ever-growing challenge of applying machine learning. The high degree of automation in Auto ML allows non-experts to make use of machine learning models and techniques without requiring becoming an expert in this field first. Automating the process of applying machine learning end-to-end additionally offers the advantages of producing simpler solutions, faster creation of those solutions, and models that often outperform hand-designed models.

DAVinCI LABS automate and simplify machine learning technology and enable data analysis with just a few clicks.

DAVinCI LABS is AI based data analytics system. Until now Machine Learning technology has been occupied by only a few experts.


Excellent performance verified in various fields

Performance and stability of DAVinCI LABS have been verified in working level such as Bank, Insurance, Card, Stock Companies. A single solution can be applied to various fields and purposes

Close support for early success

Data scientists who have experience will support in Quick Win program and help in problem solving, so you can experience the implementation effects at an early stage.

Get proper pre-processing done automatically

Well-prepared data is the most important recipe for powerful predictive analysis. DAVinCI LABS automatically performs processing tasks that are essential for Machine Learning, such as missing value handling, variable type selection, and various data transformation.

Follow the UI that thinks like a data analyst

Modeling, validating, comparing, reporting. There are a ton of tasks that a data analyst needs to consider. Just follow DAVinCI LABS’s authentic UX and its visualized platform that has been designed from years of research in data analysts’ modeling process chain.

Strengthen your predictive analysis with rich ML algorithm package

With a few mouse clicks, create powerful prediction models with proven modified ML algorithms, no hard-coding necessary.

Get optimal business rules through automatic clustering

Create a variety of business rules by discovering many complex patterns hidden within Big Data- All in just one day.

AI is all about auto-optimization

Maximize model performance with AI based Algorithm auto-tuning, Ensemble, and Champion algorithm selection.

DAVinCI understands enterprises’ needs

Even a high-performing model is difficult to operate at enterprises, if modeling results are inexplainable or the model itself cannot be updated with ease. With its original technology, DAVinCI LABS overcomes such obstacles by providing explanation for its predictions, and by automatically extracting JAVA library files for fast and convenient model updates.

Intuitive user interface that anyone can easily start analyzing by machine learning
No coding required, just click to adjust parameters of algorithm, you can create a variety of models.

In order to implement machine learning solution, you have to have knowledge in three main areas: computer science, mathematics & statistics, and expertise in subject matters or business knowledge. DAVinCI LABS can fill you in on computer science and mathematics & statistics. Therefore with your business knowledge, DAVinCI LABS brings light to your business.

Predict the future, gain better insights

Advanced analysis was the job of a limited department or external company.
However, analysis departments and external companies are far from the local site, so they may not be able to accurately share details of the local operation.

DAVinCI LABS allows each department to use their business knowledge to carry out projects.
It can relieve you from relying on professional data scientists and relying on external companies for data analysis. By enabling person in charge of business department to use machine learning technology, it provides the models required by the workplace faster and closer.

DAVinCI LABS is an Automated Machine Learning Solution in which all the know-hows of data science are applied and automated. The solution produces AI models and AI clusters as end results.

  1. Data upload
    Extract structured data file from existing data and external data sources
  2. Data preprocessing
    Automatically convert to data applicable to machine learning
  3. Algorithm learning and analysis modeling
    No coding is required, and algorithm parameters can be adjusted with just a click to generate a variety of models.
  4. Prediction model and reporting
    Prediction function can be automatically extracted in JAVA library format. It can be linked to real-time operation system immediately.
Prediction model of DAVinCI LABS

Data trends are automatically quantified and grouped, and prediction models are automatically created.

  1. Prediction model: Predict the probability of an individual’s future behavior under certain conditions
  2. Cluster set: Automatically extract groups with extreme characteristics for the target
Sample of banking industry

We have many achievements in overseas companies such as banking business, insurance. By implementing DAVinCI LABS, we increase in speed and improve the efficiency of all phases in bank loan business, so we can actualize profit improvement. We have achievements in each department like customer attraction (Marketing), initial screening by using credit scoring, mid-market screening, and debt collection.

*If you need prediction modeling based on pattern analysis such as risk assessment, fraud detection, target marketing based on customer behavior / character analysis, customer churn prediction, failure prediction, complaint prediction, and operational efficiency, you can use DAVinCI LABS regardless of area or field.