Data Analysis & Management Services

Nowadays, digital transformation plays an important role in building a business competition. “Data” is one of the factors influencing organizations to be transformed into the Digital Transformation Age. Many organizations are trying hard to become the data-driven organization. This is because only the “Experience” is not enough to follow the market needs in time anymore. Customers’ behavior and needs always change, so it will be advantage if you have some tools to analyze such data and respond to those changes immediately.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are types of application software designed to visualize data such as perspectives of sales forecast for management by collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting the related data. It is useful for management decision making. Target data of BI includes data warehouse and data mart built by ETL (Extract, Transform and Load).

We are expert in the following data management services.

1 ) Data Analysis – We provide data analysis service according to the customers’ business requirements.
2 ) Data Extraction – We provide a service to extract the external data and import them to your system quickly and accurately.
3 ) Data Cleansing – Our expert team can help you to check, revise and delete the incorrect or abnormal data in your dataset.
4 ) Data Transformation – We provide data conversion service to convert the data in various formats to be a suitable format.
5 ) Data Loading – We provide consulting services regarding data copying and loading from a source file or folder to the Database, Data Warehouse or Data Lake.
6 ) Data Migration – We support data migration from the old system to the new system accurately.
7 ) Data Visualization – We are expert in creating both static report and dynamic report by using BI tools.
8 ) Data Security – We support you to set the data access right to protect your data from unauthorized access.
9 ) Data Prediction – We can help you to predict your big data by using Auto Machine Learning.