“Workplace visualization” by utilizing IoT solutions!
Use cases of manufacturing business, logistics,
warehousing business and RPA

IoT (Internet of Things) is a solution combining hardware (devices) and the Internet. In recent years, many businesses in Thailand have adopted IoT to improve work efficiency in offices and factories. iCONEXT company collaborates with PATLITE Company, the world’s best known manufacturer of visual and audible signaling devices from Japan, to propose IoT solutions that […]

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Training Course “Basic Knowledge of Machine Learning”
and Workshop by iCONEXT

Businesses using AI technology need experts who can support the business development. Nowadays, companies all over the world are increasingly using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Machine Learning, which is like the brain of AI, will automatically learn data patterns with various algorithms and apply the result in various businesses. For example, financial institution can use […]

[Machine Learning] It’s time to use AI for data analysis

“Data is the new oil” Data is the most important key for each enterprise to defeat other companies in the same business. iCONEXT understands rapid changes in today’s business environment, so we would like to introduce “DAVinCI LABS”, an automated machine learning tool to help you meet your customers’ business needs. This article is an interview […]

What is UX/UI Design?

Meaning of UX/UI Design UX stands for User Experience. It is a user experience designed for the highest user satisfaction, such as ease of use, clear steps to interact with, making users impressed and want to use the applications again.  UI stands for User Interface. It is a design to connect users with the system […]

Increase efficiency of logistics and delivery planning
with logistics management system!
Reduce cost and increase supply chain efficiency

Product delivery is an important business process in the manufacturing and distribution industry, but the following problems tend to occur in logistics and delivery process in Thailand. Insufficient system for managing shipment and delivery plans Wrong product delivery Delayed delivery due to mistakes during the preparation process Neither the shipping side nor the receiving side […]

“IT Outsourcing” A tool to drive your organization
through COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has spread rapidly and severely and has impacted the world, brought about challenges in Thailand business sector. The government sector and related agencies have tried hard to control and prevent the pandemic but until now it cannot be controlled. Number of daily confirmed cases has increased and […]

Why paperless solution is necessary in this digital age?

Paperless solution is the way to keep paper documents in digital format to reduce using paper documents. In other words, it is a paper saving concept. Let’s see if your organization is facing the following problems or not. – Large number of documents are increasing every year. – Paper costs such as purchasing, storing, destroying […]

Introduction to Automated Testing

System testing is becoming very important in software quality improvement process and the indispensable team in system testing is the Software Quality Assurance as known as Software Tester. This team is also a part of Software Development Life Cycle. The system testing process is classified into many methods such as manual testing, automated testing. Today […]

“iWORK”, a time attendance and workplace recording system to support “Work from home” and “Telework” concept

iWORK is a time attendance record system developed by iCONEXT Co., Ltd. This system facilitates employees to clock in and clock out anywhere. It also keeps the current location of the employees automatically when they record time attendance. HR department or supervisors can also check the workplace of each employee from anywhere because it can […]

Machine learning in businesses

In our daily life, you may often hear the word “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) and think of a robot that has a capability of work like a human. AI can make machines work like humans but it needs science called “Machine Learning” which means data analytics of big data to find patterns and characteristics of the […]