iCONEXT boosts 3 services and 4 solutions
aiming to support customers in 2024

iCONEXT Services and Solutions

During the past 13 years, iCONEXT has been actively providing various services to customers in various businesses with our high-quality solutions and proficient software development team. This brings about trust and good customer feedback. In 2024, we are firmly moving forward into our 14th year. We are ready to present new solutions and services to […]

Are you ready to change from paper tax form to e-Tax system?

Background of e-Tax in Thailand e-Tax is a system to convert paper invoices, tax invoices and receipts to digital forms. In Thailand, the government has been promoting the cashless society policy since 2015 and launched the National e-Payment project. The e-Tax is one of the plans in this project. Objective of e-tax SME, enterprises, shops, […]

GitHub Copilot, an AI tool for software developers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks on behalf of humans by covering a variety of techniques, from learning many things to natural language processing. The goal is to enable computers to interact with humans and things through learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and perception. Currently, AI plays a role in […]

How can low-code and no-code platforms support your business?

Nowadays, when you run your own business, you need websites or applications. There are various options to create websites and applications, such as outsourcing or in-house website development. For organizations that want to develop systems, low-code and no-code platforms are the other options to help you quickly design and develop systems to respond to changing […]

What is identity verification technology?

Nowadays, online shopping and services have become widely popular. The payment process is very easy. Just by having a bank account and using the bank’s mobile application, you can do various transactions easier and more conveniently. However, to sign up for an application, it requires an important step which is the “Identity verification”. This is […]

What is carbon credit?

Currently, the world is experiencing a greenhouse effect causing the earth’s surface temperature to rise. This is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), mainly produced by human activities. These gases reflect extreme heat waves and raise overall temperatures. As a result, the weather around the world become […]

Application of digital technologies for sustainable manufacturing

Nowadays, impact and severity of global warming or climate change has increased gradually. This has led to a global shift towards clean energy and using natural resources more efficiently. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is a key factor causing global warming. The public sector, private sector, and related agencies in Thailand […]

Introducing an IoT use case to monitor and manage real-time data

When it comes to improvements at factories and sites, in addition to upgrading the machines and enhance work processes, you also have to think about improving people by considering how to make “Points that only people can notice” visible and put into practice. Clarifying awareness and issues from collected data has become an even more […]

Deceptive techniques of social engineering used by cybercriminals

Social engineering is a form of deception in which cybercriminals imitate a trusted source to trick people into doing something. It exploits human weaknesses such as trust, ignorance, and carelessness. Cybercriminals have learned that email, voicemail, or text message can convince people to transfer money, provide confidential information, or download a file containing malware on […]

Automate daily tasks of manufacturing business by utilizing RPA

Amid intense business competition in today’s industry 4.0, RPA is being utilized in various industries to automate production processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that automates human’s routine tasks. It is an important technology that facilitates not only the operation of IT departments but also the operation of production processes in the […]