AS/400 Services

We provide Good Service related with AS/400.
We can develop Mission-Critical System on IBM AS/400 environment. Also, we can provide Manpower Resource Outsourcing respond to AS/400.


Downsizing mainframe asset as necessary

As rapid change of the industrial structure, we must change business style continuously to keep the company survive.

As a result, information system to support business also needs extensibility and flexibility to quickly deal with change of business.

Mainframe has high reliability and robustness which don’t exist in PC. As one of the most stable system, even now many business applications are also running. Moreover, not only mass application assets, but a lot of business know-how which can be called corporate’s assets are also accumulated on mainframe.

However, many companies confront operational problems. While the system developed on mainframe can ensure security and reliability, it is not easy to enhance in accordance with business changes, and it is difficult to keep engineers. In addition, it cannot avoid the problem of high maintenance cost of hardware.

On the other hand, open system is very flexible to environment change, so it is possible to build the system quickly to enhance as necessary.

We remove customer’s business application from mainframe as necessary to rebuild on open platform without losing business know-how which is the customer’s property.

Mainframe and Open System work together for mutual harmony and benefit

We remove business application one by one from the old mainframe and rebuild on open environment by using Java during maintenance period.

By building a user-friendly system tailored for business environment, we can improve work efficiency and productivity of the entire company as well as reducing cost.