Effortlessly request, approve, and assign your company cars with our EZBooking system

EZBooking, a car booking system

Businesses that operate or provide customer services by sending employees to work outside the office need to facilitate their employees in various ways. Many organizations provide company cars to employees for work-related travel. However, car reservations can burden employees if the organization does not have an appropriate car booking system.

iCONEXT company has developed an online car booking system for internal use. This allows employees to easily reserve company cars, supervisors to check and approve bookings immediately, and administrators to confirm bookings accurately. Therefore, operations run smoothly without communication errors. We have further developed the original car booking system into the EZBooking system. This software package allows you to easily reserve a car, approve a booking, and assign vehicles without the need to fill out a request form.

Key features of EZBooking

EZBooking system on computers and smartphone
Sample screens of car booking on computer and smartphone
  • Car reservation

Employees can select the time and vehicle they want to use by just logging in to the system via a web browser on their computer or smartphone. After inputting the required information and creating a booking request, the system will automatically send an email to the supervisor for approval.

During this process, employees can also input additional notes for the administrator. The system provides a field where employees can enter information about luggage if they need the driver to load it into the car.

  • Approval

When supervisors receive car reservation requests from employees by email, they can click on a link in the email and log in to the EZBooking system. They can then check the details and approve or reject the requests.

Checking details and approving the request
Sample of approval screen

The system automatically sends email notifications of approval results to the administrator and the requester. On the other hand, if the supervisor rejects the requests, the system also sends email notifications to the requester.

  • Car assignment

After the supervisor approves the request, the administrator will receive an email with the details. The administrator can click the link to confirm or reject the car reservation in the system.

The administrator can also specify the details of the vehicle to assign e.g. vehicle name, driver name, phone number. After that, the system automatically sends email notifications to the requester and passengers.

Specifying details of the assigned car and driver
Sample of car assignment screen

When the administrator clicks the ‘Assign’ button, the driver will receive a notification message via the LINE application and can view the details of the assigned task.

Informing the driver of the assigned task

The system informs the driver of the assigned task via the LINE application

The driver can click on the task in the LINE application to see the details.

clicking on the task to see the details
  • Report issuing

You can use the car reservation history data to calculate project costs by entering rental fees, fuel costs, and expressway fees. Additionally, you can export the monthly car booking data to an Excel file and share it with relevant departments.

Issuing monthly car booking report
Sample of monthly car booking summary report

What problems can EZBooking solve for you?

✔ Decreasing communication errors: EZBooking automatically sends email notifications to relevant persons every time when reserving a car, approving a booking, and confirming the car reservation. Moreover, notification messages are sent via the LINE application and email if the supervisor has not approved the requests, or the admin has not confirmed the car reservation.

✔ Reducing work processes: Employees do not need to ask their supervisors for approval results, and the admin does not need to inform employees of car assignment details by phone. Employees can simply check the results via email or in the system.

✔ Approving from anywhere: Supervisors can review the details and approve car reservation requests on the website from any location. They are not required to visit the office to sign for approval.

✔ Reducing paper use: Paper documents may get lost before reaching the approver and admin. Transforming to an online request system can reduce paper costs.

✔ Supporting flexible changes: You can edit or cancel the car reservation immediately if there is a change in plans.

If your organization does not have a car booking system, let our EZBooking facilitate your work. To see our demo system or request more details, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th or click our Inquiry Form.

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