EZAttendance, a time attendance system with automated workplace record

EZAttendance system

Today, many organizations offer flexible work policies, giving employees more freedom with their working hours and locations. However, some organizations struggle to manage clock-in and clock-out times because their current systems do not support it. It is also troublesome to modify and configure the system to support flexible work policies. If your organization is facing these issues, we have a solution to help you resolve them.

Our professional team at iCONEXT company has developed the EZAttendance system*, a software package for time attendance recording based on the concept of ‘Work from anywhere’. Just log in to the system, select your workplace, and click the ‘Check-in’ button, the check-in time and location will be automatically recorded in the system.

*The original name was iWORK, but we have upgraded the software by adding more functions and changing the name to align with other software packages we have developed. 

EZAttendance, a time attendance system

What can EZAttendance do for you?

Recording clock-in and clock-out times

check-in screen of EZAttendance
  • Employees can easily record clock-in and clock-out times by just logging in to the system via a web browser on their smartphone, tablet, or computer and clicking the ‘Check-in’ button.
  • Employees can view their time attendance records on the dashboard.
  • If employees are late for work or not work the specified number of hours, the status will show as “Late”.

Recording workplaces

recording your current location automatically
  • The system records the current location of employees when they click the “Check-in” to log their time attendance.
  • Employees can view their workplace records on the dashboard.
  • Administrators can define multiple working areas and working hours for employees.
  • EZAttendance can calculate the distance from the check-in location to the employee’s workplace specified in the system. If the check-in location is far away from the specified distance, the system will show an “Out of zone” status.
  • Supervisors can check the clock-in/clock-out times and location data on the time attendance detail screen. The employee’s check-in location is shown on a map, allowing supervisors to verify it easily.

Summary report sending

Issuing daily attendance report
  • EZAttendance summarizes employees’ daily clock-in/clock-out times and location data in an Excel file.
  • You can set up the system to automatically send a daily summary report via email to the related persons at a specific time.

Permission settings

  • Administrators and HR can easily manage individual user permissions.
  • Administrators and HR can define the zone where employees can clock in and clock out. For example, employees can record their time attendance within 500 meters of the specified work location.
  • Administrators can also flexibly specify the working hours of each location.

Who is EZAttendance suitable for?

The key feature of EZAttendance is that employees can easily record their time attendance and workplace via smartphones. Supervisors can also check the attendance records of employees in real time. This system is suitable for the users who have to work outside the office, such as:

well-suited for the users who have to work outside the office
  • Field Engineers
  • Couriers
  • Salespeople
  • Event organizers

EZAttendance is well-suited for organizations that have implemented a hybrid-working policy, allowing employees to work from home or at the office as planned. It is also suitable for organizations with a flexible working system, allowing employees to choose their working hours within a specific timeframe.

Although EZAttendance is a software package, we can provide customized functions to make it more suitable for each organization’s needs. For example, our team is ready to provide support if you want to link the data in EZAttendance to your current HR system for evaluating employee performance. We can also support you to link the data in EZAttendance to your payroll system for calculating salaries and benefits.

If your organization faces challenges with time attendance management, needs to verify employees’ workplaces, or requires a summarized time attendance report, let EZAttendance handle it for you.

To see our demo system or request more details, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th or click our Inquiry Form

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