iCONEXT boosts 3 services and 4 solutions
aiming to support customers in 2024

iCONEXT Services and Solutions

During the past 13 years, iCONEXT has been actively providing various services to customers in various businesses with our high-quality solutions and proficient software development team. This brings about trust and good customer feedback.

In 2024, we are firmly moving forward into our 14th year. We are ready to present new solutions and services to respond to changing trends in technology that are increasingly playing a significant role in Thailand.

3 outstanding services responding to customer needs

1. Low-code development services

Nothing changes as quickly as consumer needs, so businesses need to adapt to keep up with customer needs as well. Especially when considering to implement any systems in your organization, it must be implemented speedily and composed of all your required functions.

If your business is very specific so that you cannot use general software packages, you may need to use tailor-made software which might take a long time and high cost to implement.

Nowadays, low-code platforms are emerging as a new option that helps system developers work faster without writing in every line of the code. For this reason, developers can develop systems more quickly and modify them to respond to business changes. Many organizations, therefore, have started using low-code platforms to develop systems. Currently, there are many popular low-code platforms, such as OutSystems, Mendix, and Microsoft PowerApps.

Low-code development platforms

iCONEXT recognizes the importance of low-code platforms, so we have developed our team to have knowledge and capabilities to provide quality customer service. Our team currently has experience in using low-code platforms and has developed systems for customers in various businesses.

2. IT Outsourcing Services

Large organizations typically have an in-house IT team that develops systems for internal use, while some organizations use IT outsourcing services to help them develop systems.

The advantages of using outsourcing are as follows:

  • Outsourced workers have high-level skills as you require.
  • No need to manage many issues of permanent employees regarding salary payment, benefits, bonus, training courses.
  • No need to worry about employee resignation. The outsourced company guarantees to find a replacement and completes knowledge transfer before taking over the job.
  • You can choose whether to have the outsourced employees work at your office as if they were your own staff or have them based at the outsourced company to save costs.
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iCONEXT also provides various IT outsourcing services tailored to customer needs. We have an expert team in various programming languages, such as C#.NET, Java, RPG/AS400, Python, and many others.

3. RPA software development services

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the development of software to automate human operations. It is suitable for routine work with repetitive patterns, such as extracting data from the system to create a report or to issue documents, entering data into the system and checking data in documents against the data in the system.

RPA software development using UiPath

RPA can be applied to various departments in your organization, such as accounting, purchasing, HR, IT, etc.

Our team is skillful at using UiPath to develop software robots for customers in the financial, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries.

Utilizing RPA can reduce working time, allowing you more time to focus on other tasks that bring greater value to your organization. Additionally, it helps minimize errors caused by human fatigue.

4 solutions that we are proud to present

1. EZ Control

E-document control system EZ Control

EZ Control is an electronic document control system that iCONEXT has developed from our team’s experience. This ready-made system can help customers change documents stored in paper format to electronic file formats. It is suitable for organizations that have implemented a paperless policy.

Benefits of the EZ Control system

  • Uploading and managing documents by category
  • Easy to find the document you need
  • Preventing document loss
  • Reducing document storage space
  • Managing document access permission for each user

If you want to request a demo of EZ Control system, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th

2. WMS

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is another solution that many customers are interested in and inquire about. Our expert team has designed and developed WMS to be easy to use on both computers and smartphones.

Warehouse Management System by iCONEXT

Advantages of WMS

  • Providing necessary functions with lower price
  • Summarizing and displaying daily inventory movement information on a dashboard
  • Showing an alert when the stock quantity becomes lower than the standard inventory
  • Supporting product picking up sequence by both FIFO and expiration date
  • Generating a QR code on the mobile application to register the stock quantity when confirming the inventory movement
  • Checking the stock quantity and amount on the system and tracking the inventory movement history

Read more: Warehouse Management System (WMS) for manufacturers and SMEs

3. AI / Machine Learning

AI and machine learning solutions provided by our partner; Ailys company in South Korea. Currently, we are offering the following two main solutions to our customers in the financial business:

DAVinCI LABS: It is AI based data analytics system. You can create prediction models with rich ML algorithms using your business knowledge without relying on a data scientist.

Example of business using DAVinCI LABS:

Loan business can create a model based on their customer data to predict default rate and use it for loan approval. This will increase approval rates and decrease the risk of non-performing loan (NPL).

READY AI: An AI system with a user-friendly interface designed exclusively for sales and marketing department in finance business. Just setting your business goal, for example,

  • Within how many months do you want to get more customers to apply for loans?
  • Budget for the marketing campaign
  • Your expected profit per a customer

READY AI provides the following three main use cases in marketing: customer churn prevention, cross-selling, and up-selling.

If your organization is interested in implementing AI or Machine Learning solutions but has no idea how to use them, we are pleased to provide consultations and system demonstration.

4. Loan origination system

For small and medium-sized loan companies interested in implementing a complete lending system, we would like to introduce “looms”, a loan origination management system. This system is designed and developed by AND Solutions, a techfin company registered in Singapore that provides financial software to companies worldwide. iCONEXT is the only partner in Thailand of AND Solutions, providing technical and sales support.

Looms is a loan origination system that digitizes all processes of lending from applying to loan to disbursing it and collecting the debts.

The ultimate goal of looms is to create convenience for both lenders and borrowers, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs and credit risk.

Loan Origination Management System

Structure of looms

1. White-label borrower portal

Your customers can apply for loans, check application status, submit documents via online process, and do credit risk assessment. They can also view the details of their loans including interest rate, repayment schedule, outstanding balance, and payment history.

2. Loan Origination System

Lenders can review loan applications and make a decision to approve or reject them with automatic decision using credit scoring or they can review and make a decision manually by the judgement of customer data analysts.

3. Loan Management System

  • Lenders can create and launch new loan products more quickly. This system supports every lending category such as personal lending, SME lending, and secured loans.
  • Lenders can manage many types of collateral assets, such as cars, motorcycles, real estate, etc. In addition, customers can perform collateral valuations and track changes of the valuations.
  • Automate your debt collection process. For example, tagging customers for categorization, personalized notifications, and task allocation to employees.

The key thing is that looms can be tailored to your needs. It does not take a long time to implement, and we have a support team in Thailand. If you want to request a demo of looms or want more details, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.

These are 3 services and 4 solutions we have selected to respond to current technology trends. Our professional team, including sales, engineers, software developers, and customer support, is ready to consistently serve and deliver quality systems to our customers.

If you are looking for software or applications to support your business or for internal use, iCONEXT can provide advice on utilizing software packages or developing software from scratch based on your business characteristics.

iCONEXT builds the Right Software for You

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