How can low-code and no-code platforms support your business?

Nowadays, when you run your own business, you need websites or applications. There are various options to create websites and applications, such as outsourcing or in-house website development. For organizations that want to develop systems, low-code and no-code platforms are the other options to help you quickly design and develop systems to respond to changing customer needs.

According to Gartner’s predictions, more than 65% of application developments will be shifted to low-code platforms by 2024. As a result, you can see more applications developed by low-code or no-code platforms.

What are low-code and no-code platforms?

Low-code development platform is a platform that requires developers to do some level of coding and user interface design. Developers who have basic coding skills can simplify their software design process by just using drag-and-drop function to arrange each component on the application, facilitating them to easily and quickly build their applications.

No-code Development Platforms is a platform for users to develop applications without any coding knowledge. Just using drag-and-drop functionality, users can customize the layout and user interface easily. This platform is suitable for people who want to create a website or an application for personal use but have zero expertise or experience in coding.

Examples of no-code platforms; AppSheet, WordPress, etc.

The following are examples of software that can be developed by applying a low-code or no-code platform:

  • Website
  • Application
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Auto reply message

Benefits of low-code and no-code platforms

1) Easy business platform development

You can develop websites or applications without any advanced coding skills. It reduces coding time, so you can build your business platform faster than the traditional program coding.

2) Flexibility in business changes

Many businesses have to deal with changing customer needs. If the main platform to communicate with customers is flexible and can be quickly changed, modified, and added new features, it can help you maintain your existing customers and expand new customer base.

3) All departments in your company can join in software building

The business platform development in your company will not be only the IT department task anymore, but other departments such as research and development, marketing experts, sales, and customer support can also involve in the software design and development process. This is because they can use low-code and no-code platforms without any coding knowledge.


Low-code and no-code development platforms are the other options for companies that require quick development and simply customizable platforms. This will bring about convenient services for customers, and it will result in customer satisfaction.

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