Are you ready to change from paper tax form to e-Tax system?

Background of e-Tax in Thailand

e-Tax is a system to convert paper invoices, tax invoices and receipts to digital forms. In Thailand, the government has been promoting the cashless society policy since 2015 and launched the National e-Payment project. The e-Tax is one of the plans in this project.

Objective of e-tax

  • To simplify the tax filing process by issuing electronic tax and receipts to reduce required time and steps of tax filings.
  • Private companies in Thailand can submit tax invoices and receipts to their customers instantly.
  • Tax data can be submitted to the Revenue Department within the stipulated period.

SME, enterprises, shops, and restaurants can also use e-Tax.*

* There are no limits on sales or capital amount to use e-Tax Invoice & Receipt.

e-Tax Invoice by Email can be used by companies with annual sales not exceeding 30 million baht (As of December 2023)

Benefits of using e-Tax system

1. Reducing time, troublesome and storage space.

  • Tax invoice and receipt can be created and printed digitally (Reducing paper cost and printing cost)
  • Data can be promptly sent to customers (Reducing time, troublesome, and errors in forgetting to send or keep copies)
  • No need to keep paper documents (Reducing storage space)

2. Becoming easier to search for data. The data can be used in other systems.

3. Entrepreneurs are exempt from checking tax documents in the first step.

4. Having digital signature and timestamp on the electronic files, so you can verify the sender’s identity.

5. Able to check whether the file has been changed or not, so safety and reliability can be ensured.

What should be done before using the e-Tax system?

The Revenue Department encourages all businesses to use e-tax by 2028. We recommend taking the following steps to prepare for a gradual transition to DX before e-Tax becomes enforced in the future.

  • Register to submit electronic tax invoices and receipts on the Revenue Departments website.
  • Register for a digital signature on
  • Implement an e-Tax system in your company and upload tax data to the Revenue Department’s website by yourself.
  • If you cannot use the e-Tax system in your organization, you can use services from the external service providers.
  • Get prior consent from suppliers and customers to convert from paper documents to digital forms and change the operation.

Some companies may not be able to stop using paper documents at once, so you should ask for cooperation from relevant parties to change their processes.

e-Tax application format conversion tool developed by iCONEXT

We have experience in developing e-Tax functions for a major financial company in Thailand. Previously, this company had been sending paper tax invoices to the revenue office and receipts to customers. Tax invoice and receipt data were stored in a database in text file format.

We had developed a function to convert text files to XML files, which is a required format for e-Tax applications. We added a digital signature and prepared data to send to the Revenue Department. We also developed a function to convert receipt data into PDF files (instead of paper) for sending to customers.

Based on the above experience, we have developed an e-Tax support system for companies that want to switch from paper-based tax documents to electronic format.

iCONEXT e-Tax Invoice System

Our current e-Tax invoice system is composed of the following functions.

  • Users prepare tax invoices and receipt data in Excel files and upload them to the e-Tax Invoice system.
  • The system converts the data into an XML file and adds a digital signature for users to upload to the Revenue Department’s website.
  • The system converts the data into a PDF file and adds a digital signature for sending to the customers.

We recommend combining the E-Document Control System “EZ Control” that we introduced previously with the e-Tax system so that you can really reduce the amount of actual paper used.

If you want to use the e-Tax system, or if you are interested in paperless solution, please feel free to contact us at iCONEXT inquiry form.

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