Easier to obtain and maintain ISO standards!
ISO document management system leading to work time reduction with paperless

Manual management of ISO documents is difficult. Let’s manage them by a system.

ISO is an abbreviation for International Organization for Standardization. It is an organization that has established international standards for products and services of the same quality level all over the world. The standards established by ISO are called ISO standards. This standard is an international standard for products and management systems. Companies that get certified by ISO standards can be trusted in their products and services quality, as well as when they do business in overseas markets, it also gives them greater peace of mind.

However, acquiring and maintaining ISO standards requires complicated and detailed document management and administrative work, and it is not an easy task. To solve these problems, “WOLF ISO”, a software specialized in acquiring and managing ISO standards, was developed by applying the WOLF Approve system.

WOLF ISO is highly recommended for small and medium-sized businesses that are concerned about managing ISO documents on paper, or worried about whether their employees are using the latest version of documents..


Document management according to ISO standards and internal audits become easier

The features of the ISO document management system “WOLF ISO” are as follows.

1. On-cloud system operation

Data storage, document version control, ISO document creation, approval, internal auditing, etc. can be easily performed on the cloud. There is no need to install a system in your office and you can access it securely from anywhere if you can connect to the Internet.

2. Document management according to ISO standards

The system provides document management function that complies with ISO9001 document management requirements. The following conditions are set in the system.

  • Documents stored in the system must be approved before being published
  • Documents used must be the latest version
  • Be able to check the revision history of the document
  • Be able to set access permission to the published documents

Moreover, it is also possible to search for documents published on the system and refer to older versions of documents. New document creation can be done easily by following the approval flow of each document.

Flow of documents creation

3. Internal audit function

Companies that have obtained ISO standards are required to do periodic external audits by a third-party auditor as well as their own internal audits. “WOLF ISO” provides the following internal audit functions:

  • Creating an internal audit plan
  • Internal auditors specify inspection items in the system and create a checklist
  • Issuing an internal audit report
Process of internal audit function

4. Nonconformity and corrective action report

If there is nonconformity with the requirements specified in ISO standards, it is necessary to take measures to address the nonconformity and create a prevention measure. The system allows users to report nonconformities as follows:

  1. If the internal audit finds that the procedures described in the ISO standard documentation are not followed, the internal auditor will create a Corrective Action Request (CAR) in the system.
  2. If an employee is found not wearing a safety helmet at a work site, for example, the system user can create a Corrective Action Request (CAR) and send it to relevant parties.

    Flow of nonconformity and corrective action request process

Corrective action request creation screen

The purpose of creating a corrective action request is not only to request correction, but also to clarify the root cause and eliminate it. Users can create corrective action requests on the system according to the nonconformity and corrective action request process and get approval from the quality management manager (QMR). After that, the manager has to identify corrective actions, record the results, and get final review and approval of the corrective action request by the quality management manager.

ISO document management system ideal for manufacturing industries and factories in Thailand

Recommended points of WOLF ISO document management system

  • Ready to use with no coding required
  • Easy to use without IT skills
  • Available on various devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone. Internal audit results can be registered in the WOLF Approve application on your smartphone.
  • Using Microsoft’s Cloud Technology which can prevent data leakage and data loss
  • Supporting and promoting paperless work
  • Contributing to increased work efficiency by reducing work time

You can use this software either by subscription or on-premises.

It supports English and Thai. The system is easy to operate and can be used immediately after installation.

We provide training on how to use the product to users and offer demo versions tailored to the requirements of each company.

If you have any concerns about ISO document management, or if you are interested in ISO document management system, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.

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