What should we do to start using the e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt system in Thailand?

As a result of the national electronic payment infrastructure development plan, the Thai government is trying to convince companies to switch from cash payments to electronic payments. This will increase the efficiency of the payment infrastructure in Thailand.

The Revenue Department has issued the regulation to support national e-payment master plan. “e-Tax system” is one of the projects under this plan to develop the preparation and delivery of e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt.

Objectives of e-tax system are as follows:

  1. To promote a policy called “Thailand 4.0” and national e-payment.
  2. To support the Revenue Department’s regulation on “The preparation, delivery, and storage of e-Tax invoices and receipts. B.E. 2560”
  3. To provide tax benefits of e-tax invoice and e-receipt requests to companies and business owners. (Companies can deduct twice the amount of expenses)
  4. To reduce administrative costs of taxpayers (expenses, document storage, and time).
  5. To fully integrate electronic transactions in accordance with international security standards.

How to convert paper documents into electronic file format

Converting paper documents into electronic file format
  1. E-tax invoices must be generated in PDF/A-3 format or must be in XML format in accordance with the ETDA Recommendation for Trade Services Message Standard
  2. Sending e-tax invoices to buyers via email.
  3. Submitting e-tax invoices with a timestamp to the Revenue Department via “e-tax invoice by email”.
  4. Automatically keeping all documents in the electronic document control system.

The expenses can be deducted twice under tax measures

According to the announcement of the Revenue Department, a company or legal partnership will be exempt from income tax by deducting the expenses twice for the investment and service fees of the e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt system. The electronic certificate expenditure and software fees can also be deducted. This deduction will be effective from the accounting period of January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2025.

Advantages of e-tax system are as follows:

  1. Reducing redundancy and problem of handling paper documents.
  2. Saving your time and cost of document delivery.
  3. Being able to apply electronic data for further processing in the information system of your organization.
  4. Getting ready for electronic transactions in the future.
  5. It is reliable and legally binding in terms of electronic data.

iCONEXT company has developed a stand-alone e-Tax invoice system to help you create electronic documents and convert documents to electronic format according to the standards of the Revenue Department with highly secure PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology.

In addition, we also provide an electronic document control system which is called “EZControl” that stores documents by creating an index so that you can search the documents easily and safely with the cyber security system.

The e-Tax invoice system can help your business reduce the cost of handling paper documents. It also reduces the delivery fee and saves time in sending documents to the Revenue Department.

Key features of e-tax system

  1. The following screen shows the list of created documents with attachments of e-tax invoice in PDF/A-3 or XML format that can be downloaded.
iCONEXT's e-tax system

2. You can easily upload documents for sending to the Revenue Department.

iCONEXT's e-tax system to upload documents

3. You can create a new document by inputting buyer details on this screen.

iCONEXT's e-tax system to create a new document

4. You can add product information to create a document.

iCONEXT's e-tax system to add product info

5. The screen below shows the list of registered buyers.

iCONEXT's e-tax system showing list of registered buyers

6. You can add new buyer information.

iCONEXT's e-tax system to add new buyer

7. You can view and edit the company information.

iCONEXT's e-tax system to view and edit company info

The e-Tax system is easy to install and convenient to use. We also provide consulting services by our experts.

If you want to get more information about e-Tax system, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th

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