Warehouse Management System (WMS) for manufacturers and SMEs

A warehouse management system is the system to control inventory, history of receiving and shipping, etc. This system is also called WMS. It is required in various businesses to manage stock in warehouse of manufacturers, trading companies, retail businesses, e-commerce, etc.

In this article, iCONEXT would like to introduce features and merits of using our developed warehouse management system (WMS).

iCONEXT's warehouse management system

Affordable warehouse management system for SMEs in Thailand

No need to use scanners, so implementation cost is lower

The following three features are major points of differentiation when compared with WMS of other companies.

■ Affordable system for SMEs with lower price

Our package keeps the price as low as possible by reducing options and providing the necessary functions. It is an affordable warehouse management system that is easy to use even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

■ It is a web application, so you can view data from anywhere

Since the data can be checked remotely through a web browser, it is particularly convenient for administrators who cannot always stay at site.

■ Using an Android smartphone to read QR code instead of a handy scanner

The handy scanner can be replaced with an Android smartphone, so the implementation cost is minimized, and the reading operation also becomes easy.

Our warehouse management system also provides the following functions.


A dashboard function that summarizes and displays daily inventory movement information in a list. You can view incoming and outgoing data for materials and products by each type of inventory movement. In case the stock becomes under the standard inventory, an alert will be displayed.

WMS dashboard screen
Sample of dashboard screen

Stock transfer management

This is a function to register inventory movements of products. When you receive or distribute products, you can use this function to adjust stock on the web browser. You can create stock transfer plan in the system beforehand, and when the products arrive, you can just receive them and update the number of actual received products.

WMS stock transfer
Confirmation screen of stock transfer

Registration of product inventory by using QR code

Creating a QR code for the product label in the system and reading the QR code with the mobile application to register the stock quantity when confirming the inventory movement. Just preparing data to create product labels and upload it to the system, you can easily create a stock transfer plan. Then print the QR code and paste it on the product.

WMS stock label
Stock transfer plan creation screen
Stock transfer plan creation screen
WMS QR code sample
Sample of QR code

If you receive the product as planned, just scan the QR code with our mobile application to confirm the inventory movement.

WMS mobile app sample
Sample screen of mobile application

Supporting First In First Out and expiration date

The system provides the best product delivery order according to first-in, first-out or expiration date.

WMS product distribution by expiration date
Sample screen to provide product distribution based on expiration date

Supporting traceability

You can check the stock quantity and amount on the system and track the inventory movement history.

Stock movement history report
Sample screen of stock movement history report

Inventory information can be checked remotely, promoting efficiency in warehouse management operations

Merits of using iCONEXT’s warehouse management system.

  • You can manage the warehouse remotely regardless of location, so you can see inventory information in real time. Product plans can be created without going to work on site.
  • Human error is eliminated through traceability management using QR codes.
  • Promoting business efficiency by accurately understanding product inventory and preventing shortages with the alert function.
  • It can reduce labor costs related to warehouse management, just invest for the initial implementation cost.

This system is a package product, but we can also customize the functions according to the customer’s requirements. The system basically supports English and Thai.

If you are looking for a warehouse management system in Thailand or would like to see a demo version, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th or click our Inquiry Form.