Automate accounting operations by digitizing paper slips

Create journal entry for handwritten slips easily by AI-OCR

Nowadays using systems to do accounting operations has become common in Thailand.

However, many invoices and receipts gotten from business partners and suppliers are still handled on paper.

The larger the company, the more time and effort it takes to manually enter data of many paper slips. In addition, these paper slips often come in different sizes and materials, and they might even be electronic data. Manually inputting such data into the system can lead to input errors (human error) and work efficiency is also not good.

Invoices and receipts from outside are in several formats and tend to be paper

To solve such problems, iCONEXT recommends using “DXSuite x THOMAS Globe”, which utilizes AI-OCR technology to digitize paper slips and create journal entries for accounting automatically.

System overview of “DXSuite x Thomas Globe”

AI-OCR for Thai handwriting

DXSuite system utilizes AI-OCR to digitize paper slips. This AI-OCR is a highly reliable system with an achievement of the No. 1 share in the Japanese market due to its ease of use.

THOMAS Globe system is a semi-order-made business management package system that can be flexibly customized to meet the needs of users. It is possible to link with other accounting systems with the data interface function. If your accounting system does not have a data interface function, you can also use RPA to import data files into your accounting system and record bookkeeping.

DXSuite x Thomas Globe system overview

You can just save your paper slips and handwritten slips in PDF files or image files (JPEG format).

Importing those files into DXSuite and converting them to CSV files with AI-OCR function.

It can read Thai handwriting slips with high accuracy.

The system supports three languages: Thai, English, and Japanese.

With the intuitive and easy-to-use screen design, you can easily upload the files.

Thai handwriting can be read without problems.

Accounting journals are automatically created by just importing the CSV files into THOMAS Globe system.

Besides the accounting paper slips, it can also digitize various paper documents such as purchase request forms, job application forms, daily work reports, equipment maintenance and inspection reports, and basic agreements.

Significant efficiency improvement in accounting work by reducing manual data entry work

You can expect the following advantages after using the system.

Preventing input errors and improving significant efficiency of accounting operations because you have no need to manually input the data.

✓ AI-OCR is highly accurate, and handwritten characters can be read with high accuracy.

Creating accounting journals automatically and output reports.

✓ Linking data to other accounting systems.

We also offer a demo version if you want to try the system.

If you have any concerns about improving the efficiency of accounting operations, or if you are interested in “DXSuite x Thomas Globe” system, please feel free to contact us at