EZControl: E-Document Control System
for organizations in the digital age

During these 2-3 years, we cannot deny that many organizations have adjusted their working styles to be more in line with working from home. Many companies changed their policies regarding IT systems and business operations to be able to work from anywhere. One of the most changed systems is the document control system. Originally documents were stored in paper format but currently it is changed to electronic file format.

Advantages of keeping electronic document are as follows:

  1. Reducing document storage space and maintenance cost of paper documents.
  2. Preventing paper loss. Paper documents might be lost or destroyed but with this electronic document control system, your documents are kept in electronic file format, so although you lose the paper documents, you still have them in the electronic file.
  3. Managing document categories to help you search documents easily from anywhere. You don’t need to enter the document storage room at your office.
  4. Managing document access permission. You can set permission for only some users to access the important documents.

From the above-mentioned advantages, the document control system has become more popular nowadays. Today iCONEXT would like to introduce an electronic document control system which is called “EZControl”.

EZControl provides you the following key features:

  1. Document searching: You can easily set searching keywords for each document stored in the system. It can be set up to 50 keywords per 1 document.

2. Document category: It provides you with a function to set category names of your documents, so you can keep documents in each category properly.

3. Tracking document uploading progress: You can set the number of documents you want to upload by setting the index of each document and trace the uploading progress.

4. Access permission: You can set document access permission for each user.

5. Viewing document access history.

6. Auto files rename: The system provides OCR technology to rename files automatically. This function is suitable for companies that have to deal with many documents on a daily basis.

7. Expired document notification: You can set expiration date of your uploaded documents. When it is nearly to expire, the system will show a notification message and you can select to delete the expired documents or continue keeping them.

8. Merging or splitting PDF file: The system provides merging and splitting function for PDF files, so you don’t need to use other external free websites to merge or split your files. This can help you prevent data leakage.

EZControl system is suitable for various businesses e.g. finance, trading, logistics, manufacturing, service providing.

If you want to get more information about EZControl system, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.

Image: https://freepik.com