Applications for Hybrid Work and Remote Work

Hybrid working is a combination of working at the office and working remotely (e.g. working from home). This working style is very flexible and suitable for any kind of work that can be performed anywhere.

Today iCONEXT would like to recommend some applications popular in organizations with a hybrid work style and work from home (WFH).

1. Time Attendance System

This system supports employees to check in/out on their smartphones or laptops conveniently. HR and managers can also view employees’ time attendance in real time. Moreover, in case the employees are assigned to go to the client company, HR can check the employees’ locations when they check in/out in the system.

In case that the company has many branches, working time of each branch can be set in the system independently, so it can reduce workload of the HR Department.

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2. Video Conference Application

Nowadays, there are many recommended conference applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack. These applications enable employees who stay in different places to join the meeting together.

3. E-Document Control System

During 2-3 years after the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have started looking for electronic document control system aiming to change from keeping many paper documents to electronic files.

E-Document Control System provides you the following benefits:

  • All your documents are kept in the system separated by category, so you can search them easily.
  • Paper documents are converted to electronic file and kept in the system. In case there is any problem, the data can be recovered easily.
  • The system can be accessed only by the authorized persons. No need to concern about the security.
  • Not only Microsoft Word files, but it can also support other files such as PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, images.
  • You can keep and search for the documents anywhere without going to the office.

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4. Project Management System

Working from home or hybrid working means that your team members are less likely to meet and discuss face-to-face. Project management will not be as comfortable as it used to be, so the applications in this category are recommended to help you to manage tasks and improve workflow to be more efficient.

The applications such as Trello, JIRA, GitLab are recommended as project management tools. By using these applications, users can divide their tasks into subtasks, set due date and person in charge, and view progress of each task, so they can manage the project successfully.

5. E-Signature System

Regardless of hybrid working or work from home, nowadays it is inevitable that you have to sign documents online with electronic signature. Our recommended applications are SignNow, HELLOSIGN and Easy Sign.

These are some applications to enhance your work outside the office to be more convenient and faster. Some systems also help you save costs, for example, the E-Document Control System reduces paper usage and the costs regarding document storage and paper shredding services. Therefore, it is very suitable for the organization adopting a paperless policy.

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