Car booking system, a solution to facilitate your office work

Company car is an important factor for running businesses. Especially, car reservation and management become necessary when your company has several cars and many employees need to use them in work. In such case, if you don’t have a car booking system, you have to fill in a request form, submit it to your supervisor for approval, after that you need to follow up with the Administration Department. Don’t you think it wastes time?

In this article, iCONEXT would like to introduce an online car booking system which can help you book and manage the company cars easily.

iCONEXT's car booking system
Sample of login screen

Managing your schedule efficiently by an online car booking system

It is a handy one-stop solution to facilitate you from car booking to car arrangement.

There are 3 main functions as follows:

  • Car booking
  • Approval of car booking
  • Car arrangement
  1. Car booking
  • After login, you can see your car reservation list and status of each booking.
  • If you want to create a new request, just input the project name, date and time you want to use, destination, reason of use, number of passengers and submit the request.
Car booking request screen
Sample of car booking screen

2. Approval of car booking

  • After submitting your request, your supervisor (project manager) will get the request by email.
  • The approver can click on a link in the email and log in to the system, then check the detail and approve or reject the request.
Car booking approval screen
Sample of approval screen

3. Car arrangement

  • When the request is approved, it will be automatically sent to the Administration Department by email.
  • The administrator can check the detail and arrange an appropriate car for each request by entering the following data on the screen: driver name, phone number, license plate, appointment time, etc.
  • You can input the destination information from Google Maps when booking the car, so the driver knows the accurate location and he can plan and search for the most suitable route in advance.
Car booking: Assign car
Sample of car arrangement screen

Car booking history data are kept in the system and you can output the monthly data to an Excel file. Then you can use it to calculate the project cost or the cost of each department and share to the Accounting Department easily.

Car booking summary report
Sample of monthly car booking data

Advantages of car booking system

✓ Significantly reducing time and effort by completing everything from booking to approval in one system

✓ Sharing information smoothly between car users, administrators/accountants, and drivers

✓ Preventing human errors e.g. loss of car booking document

✓ Reducing paper cost

By using this system, paper request form becomes unnecessary, and you can improve work efficiency by sharing information with related parties immediately.

Sharing info

This system is suitable for the company with more than 10 cars and many employees share them together.

Developed based on users’ requests

Customizable to serve your requirements

This system was originally developed internally for in-house use, but in recent years we have received many inquiries from customers regarding the company car management, so the system was enhanced to support the requirements of users and administrators who actually manage the company cars. We also support system customization for each customer such as cost calculation, system languages, etc.

If you are interested in our car booking system, please feel free to contact us at or click on our Inquiry Form

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