HR platform in the digital age, supporting both HR and employees

Proper management and training of human resources can be a shortcut to maximize the profits of an organization. However, HR systems are often put off in system investment of many organizations. Especially there are few manufacturing companies and Japanese companies in Thailand using HR systems.

Are you confronted with the following problems?

  • There are many HR subsystems in your company, and the data is not linked, so you always have to input the data manually.
  • There are few HR staffs but they have to support all employees in the company, so it causes high workload.
  • Since there is no data regarding the skills of each employee, it is not possible to develop employee skill properly.
  • Insufficient data available to create reports for executives.

iCONEXT would like to introduce “alworks”, the Human Capital Management (HCM) system which can solve all the above problems.

Centralized management of payroll system, recruitment, employee development, etc.

8 functions to efficiently utilize human resources data

■ Payroll/Allowance Management

  • Easily manage compensation and benefits for employees
  • Easily and accurately record employees’ time attendance
  • Also support tax calculation in addition to salary calculation (*Compliant with tax law in Thailand)

■ Recruitment

  • Leader-level employees can apply to request for new staff directly in the system.
  • Applicants can easily apply for the job by inputting necessary information and attaching their resume on the web. HR staff can also schedule the interview appointments on the web.
  • After the interview, the interviewer can input the score and record the interview result in the system.

■ Goals and Plan

  • All employees’ information can be stored in the system.
  • It is possible to set goals and KPIs of the organization.
  • Employees can create their self-development plan, fill in the system, and check the progress whenever they want.

■ Performance Evaluation

  • Employee’s performance evaluation can be conducted on the system.
  • It is possible to set KPIs for each employee and check the progress.
  • Supporting 360-degree feedback

■ Employee development

  • Creating an outline of the training course and a roadmap for employee development, and introducing the training course suitable for each employee. Employees can also select the course they want to learn and register themselves.
  • Supporting all employees to improve their skill continuously.
  • You can view the career path in the system, and contribute to improving employee motivation.
▲Sample of employee development dashboard screen

■ Succession

  • When an employee resigns, it is possible to select other competent employees to replace that position.
  • Creating competency development plans for each employee level.
  • Providing functions for employee promotion.

■ Workforce Management

  • Organization chart can be designed and created on the dashboard.
  • It is possible to show job description of each position.
  • It is possible to create a human resources plan including promotion, transfer, and retirement, and to form a manpower plan for each project.
▲Sample of HR dashboard screen

■ Employee Self-Services

  • Employees can apply for leaves, transportation expenses, training course registration, etc. by themselves.
  • The application form on the system is automatically sent to the superior, and it can be checked/ approved on the system.
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets.
▲Sample of various applications dashboard screen

Optimizing human resources operations

“alworks” system provides many necessary functions for human resources management and development, so it brings about the following advantages.

Advantages of “alworks”

Optimize human resource operations by centralizing employee data in a single system.

Employees can apply for various applications themselves, so HR staffs’ workloads are reduced.

It can be used for offices, factories, or even remote work companies.

The system supports on both web and mobile access.

By digitizing application forms, paper usage can be reduced significantly.

▲alworks can also be used on smartphones and tablets

Customizable based on your requirements

Selectable to go on premise or on cloud

In general, many HR software packages are difficult to customize but alworks is a low-code development system, so it can be customized to support your requirements.

In addition, alworks has both cloud version and on-premises version as contract types, thus you can select the plan that best suits your terms of use. After discussing your current problems and requirements, we can design and propose the optimum plan for you.

If you have any concerns about improving the efficiency of office operations, or if you are interested in “alworks” HCM platform, please feel free to contact us at

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