Increase your productivity at work with our workflow system

“Request for approval and approval process” is an important task in every business. For example, in your daily work you may have to submit purchase order for internal approval, request for approval of budget, allowances, travel expenses, as well as leave. However, there are many companies that use paper-based documents and waste time and effort in creating documents and requesting approval.

Today iCONEXT would like to introduce our recommended workflow system that can eliminate such “Waste” at once.

”WOLF Approve”, a workflow system to digitize your paper application and approval to be online

WOLF Approve is a workflow system developed based on a paperless concept. It is a package system that can be used immediately after installation with no need to develop the system from scratch.

Therefore, it is a recommended solution to improve the efficiency of office work for the companies who have never used the system internally.

Recommended point of the workflow system “WOLF Approve”

  • Ready to use immediately, no any coding required
  • Easy to use without IT skills or specialized knowledge
  • Available on various devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone with mobile applications for both Android and iOS
  • Using Microsoft’s Cloud Technology which can prevent data leakage and data loss

Convenient functions of workflow system facilitate employees’ work from anywhere

1. Form and routing workflow design

A variety of ready-to-use electronic document forms are available. Users can freely create and modify the forms and design the approval route.

Samples of electronic document forms

  • Quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Payment requisition
  • Purchase requisition
  • Expense approval requisition
  • Leave request
  • OT request
  • Car request
  • COVID-19 Self-Screening
▲Sample of purchase requisition

2. Worklist tracking and self-service reporting tools

You can easily find out the status of each approval request by just searching for the submitted requests. Moreover, you can download the data to an Excel file, and create a report for sending to management team.

▲Image of To Do List
▲Image of reporting tools using Excel data

3. Delegation of authority

Approval tasks can be assigned to other people to act on their behalf during the time the approver is inconvenient to do so. This can prevent delays in operations caused by waiting for approval.

4. Approval/Notification on mobile

You can set up to show notifications for approval request on your mobile application.

When you see the notification, all you have to do is to check the request form on the application and press the button to complete the approval process. As long as you have a smartphone, you can approve the requests from anywhere. This can help you keep the work flowing smoothly. You can also set up to send the approval notification to the requester’s smartphone or e-mail.

▲Image of smartphone application

Online workflow system provides many advantages!

Cost reduction, paperless, work efficiency

Advantages you can expect from WOLF Approve

✓ Save time and effort required in applying for approval and improve work efficiency

✓ Reduce the approval period for quotations and purchase orders, resulting in an increase of business competitiveness

✓ Reduce cost by transforming into a paperless office

Increase the convenience of remote working with the online document approval system

Reasonable price and no hidden cost

Examples of use by each department

  • Accounting: Request for various expenses, travel expenses, budget
  • Purchasing: Create purchase requisition, purchase order, etc.
  • Quality Control: Document management, internal audit
  • IT:Request IT service, helpdesk tasks, or check project progress
  • General Affairs:Car request, service request
  • Personnel: Employee’s leave, OT, allowance requests

If you have any concerns about improving the efficiency of office operations, or if you are interested in the workflow system, please feel free to contact us at

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