IoT solutions for manufacturing industry
KAIZEN at production site by visualizing machine status

In the manufacturing industry, it is essential to understand machine operation status correctly and manage each machine in order to produce products efficiently while maintaining quality. However, in Thailand, there are still many manufacturing plants that rely on paper-based daily reports. It seems not unusual that the data regarding factory operation have not been collected and it is also far from utilizing those data that leads to “KAIZEN”.

Due to labor-saving, many machines line up in production area instead of humans

This time, iCONEXT would like to introduce a solution to enhance “Visualization” of production line in manufacturing industry.

SEE-SET™: Production equipment and machine operation status monitoring software

SEESET™ is a software developed by Zenalyse Company in Thailand. It converts the operating status of various production equipment and machines into data automatically and shows the status of each machine by color of PATLITE’s signal light. When an abnormality occurs, it can visualize the workplace by warning immediately, so workers can promptly start solving the problem and bring about the reduction of machine downtime (loss time).

Solution image of SEESET™ × PATLITE Signal Light
Sample of SEESET™ Machine Monitoring

Since the machine status can be linked with computers, tablets, or smartphones, although the worker or the supervisor is not at the site, those status can be immediately grasped. With a summary of outputs, it is also possible to compare between production plan and actual result.

Compatible with various devices

The operation data of each machine are kept in the system and calculated as the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The results are displayed on the screen in graph form which can be grasped at a glance. It can also be exported to Excel or CSV file.

Expanding utilization by linking with smart watch and location information system

As an option, it can link with a smartwatch (SEESET WATCH®︎).

When an abnormality occurs in any equipment, the smartwatch notifies such abnormality by vibration, so it can prevent overlooking the notification in a noisy factory. In addition, the location information system “Quuppa” can be used to monitor the operating status of people to see what and where each worker is doing.

Image of using the location information system “Quuppa”

Factory digitalization = Benefit of adopting IoT solution

By adopting SEESET™, you can expect the following effectiveness and benefits due to visualizing the operating status of the entire factory from a bird’s-eye view.

  • Accurate raw data collection such as operating time and operating rate of each machine
  • Speeding up initial response when problems occur
  • By registering the suspension reason of the machines, it is possible to grasp the suspension time for each event and use it as an index for KAIZEN(improvement) activities.
  • Analyzing the capacity of each production line using the data, and leading to KAIZEN for  efficient production activities

iCONEXT provides system customization and tailormade development so we can support the customers to adapt this system to the existing system or production line smoothly. Moreover, we are pleased to give you a consultation on how to efficiently use the data accumulated in the system.

If you are interested in the IoT solution “SEESET ™” for the manufacturing industry, or if you are worried about improving the efficiency of your production line, please feel free to contact us at

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