Issue Tracking in Software Testing

Issue tracking is a part of software testing life cycle. Many testers might encounter problems in tracking issue due to some factors such as tools, restrictions of the company. Some companies are using Microsoft Excel to record the issues but the problem is we cannot track the issues in real time. Sometimes it also causes a communication loss between test team and development team.

Nowadays, there are many tools to manage the software development issues such as Jira Software, Redmine, Mantis.

Today I would like to introduce “Mantis Bug Tracker”, an open-source issue tracker which is popular recently. This tool can help the tester to manage issue easily and quickly as an expert. Mantis Bug Tracker is easy to use and flexible for testing operations.

Main features

  • Access Control : To manage data access permission based on user’s role in the project and the system.
  • Customizable : Able to customize fields, notifications and workflow flexibly
  • Email Notifications : Issue alert, update, modification and comments are sent to email.
  • Report : Issue summary reports are provided.
  • Export Data File : User can export data to summarize more reports

Access Control :

Customizable :

Users can customize and add more fields to keep data besides the default standard fields.

Access permission can be configured by project level.

Email Notifications :

E-mail notification can be set to inform users of issues, update information, modification, and comments.

Report :

User can view summary issue report.

Export Data File :

User can manage columns and export data to create more summary reports.

As mentioned above, Mantis Bug Tracker is consisted of full functions to deal with issue tracking. Moreover, it is the open-source tools of issue tracking which is very effective for testers and each company.

iCONEXT company focuses on system testing process to deliver the best quality software and bring about customer satisfaction. Our specialist team of software quality assurance uses various issue tracking tools in many projects, so the testers can track each issue quickly. As a result, the project outputs become more effective.

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