“RESTO” a contactless restaurant POS system
Recommended solution to fight against COVID-19
for dine-in restaurants

In 2021, dining-in services were restricted in Bangkok and other high-risk provinces in Thailand as a part of measures against COVID-19 infection. Although the restrictions were eased from Sept 1, it is necessary to continue taking infection control measures in the future due to the outbreak of new COVID-19 variant that occurs continuously.

An environment where you can eat and drink without concern even during COVID-19 outbreak

Benefits for both the restaurants and the customers

“RESTO” is a system that allows you to order food and make payments at your table using only the restaurant’s QR code and your smartphone. By using this system, it can reduce human contact between staff and customers.

Advantages of RESTO system

  • Customers can order and pay by self-service, so human contact can be minimized.
  • Using a digital menu instead of paper menus to reduce time and effort when changing the contents.
  • Reducing work load of store staff, so they can focus on improving service quality. Moreover, it can bring about labor cost reduction.
  • Simplifying cash register process with online payment (credit card, prompt pay, mobile banking payment, etc.)

Main features

View digital menu

Customers can view store information and menu information on the smartphone by scanning the store’s QR code.

Store staff can view and edit store information, table number, menu photos, price, and table availability.


Customers can select the dishes on the digital menu and order them directly.

As an optional feature, when the customer’s order is sent to the kitchen, a chef in the kitchen can check the order information immediately. And when it is ready to serve, the chef can inform the waiter by just touching on the tablet screen.

Sample of self-order screen

Check order status

Customers can check the status (waiting, cooking, served) of the ordered food on their smartphones.

Store staff can check the status of the ordered food of each table in real time.


Customers can pay by cash or make a cashless payment at their seats. (*Some restaurants might receive only the online payment) RESTO system is integrated with SCB’s API, so in case of online payment via PromptPay, the customers don’t need to show the payment evidence to the cashier. Moreover, when making a payment with SCB Easy application of Siam Commercial Bank, you can pay directly from the application without downloading the payment QR code.

Store staff doesn’t need to check the payment evidence or input the payment information to POS system when the customers paid by PromptPay. The payment information will be updated to RESTO system automatically. It is also possible to issue a receipt, do closing process, and issue daily or monthly sales report from POS cash register.

Sample of payment screen

By promoting cashless and contactless payments, it can help you to take measures against the COVID-19. And by simplifying equipment and store operations, RESTO system provides many advantages for both customers and restaurants. The supported languages can be customized to show English, Thai and Japanese according to the customer requirements.

If you want more details of RESTO, a contactless restaurant POS system, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.