RPA Solution to reduce time, cost and human error
Supporting your new normal office work

In this new normal era due to COVID-19 pandemic, many companies may have troubles in improving office operations and IT-related operations. Increasing productivity by improving work efficiency and making effective use of people and time are extremely important in running business.

In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become one of the interested technologies in many countries all over the world. It is a solution to automate office operations by using software robots to support repetitive tasks normally done by human such as sending e-mails, entering data, and creating reports. By using robots, you can reduce time in daily work and produce outputs quickly.

Using UiPath to develop RPA robots

Currently, there are many RPA tools that can be tailored to support various tasks of each organization. iCONEXT is skillful at using various RPA tools to develop software robots with the functions required by our customers. In particular, we have experience in using “UiPath”, an automation platform with a significant market share in the world among RPA tools, to deveop the software robots.

Below are some examples of tasks that can utilize RPA.

■ RPA can be applied to all platforms and applications such as WEB applications, Windows applications, AS/400, Microsoft Offices. The robot can input and get data easily.

■ RPA can post data on social media systems and set notifications on LINE application.

■ It is possible to read and write data in databases and files as well as updating data.

■ We can use a robot to collect necessary data on a website and process them to be easy to use (data scraping). It is used in a wide range of fields such as machine learning, marketing, and service development.

■ Using robots to extract necessary data from the body and attachments of emails and use them in other businesses.

■ You can also use RPA to download and store folders and files, or use OCR technology to read PDF file data and write it to a database.

Reducing time, cost and human error

Use cases of RPA robot

Here are some use cases of RPA implemented by iCONEXT.

・Using RPA in HR department to manage the recruitment applicants list. The operation time has been reduced from 10 hours to 15 minutes.

・Using RPA in call center to search for answers asked by customers.

・Accounting department uses robots to input data to the accounting system and perform data validation.

Automatically input the invoice data to ERP (SAP) system

・RPA is used for data verification of each department and checking user authority of each system

・Using OCR function in RPA to extract data from paper documents and images to simplify paper work operation such as billing process.

Reconciliation of invoice and PO using OCR

We have received many good comments from the customers using RPA in their businesses as follows.

✓ Reducing human error in simple tasks

✓ Reducing work time

✓ Reducing labor cost

If you have any concerns about improving the efficiency of office operations, or if you are interested in RPA implementation, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.

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