E-Document Control System

In this article, we would like to introduce the E-document control system (Paperless solution), a solution to improve new normal office work efficiency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paper documents such as meeting documents, contract documents, invoices are important to each organization. However, by storing and working with paper when the volume of documents increases or the time has passed, it may cause the following problems.

  • Lack of storage place
  • The required documents was not found immediately when you want to use them.
  • It costs money and time to destroy documents.

Saving space and cost and increasing productivity with paperless system

To solve the above problems, iCONEXT has developed an e-document control system.

Features and advantages of e-document control system

  • Space saving as it does not require any storage space.
  • Reduce paper procurement costs and prevent document loss.
  • Data backup is available in case of system failure or natural disaster.
  • Keyword and index search are available for each electronic document, so you can find the document you need immediately.
  • Unnecessary files can be deleted easily. Reducing wasted costs and time in document destruction.
  • The keeping period of each document can be managed accurately. (An alert message will be displayed when it’s almost time to destroy that document.)
  • All information in the system is encrypted to enhance data security.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to confidential information by setting user permissions.
  • You can browse, edit, and share electronic documents via a computer regardless of location. Online approval for various requests can also be done in the system.

In addition to many benefits mentioned above, this document management system is also affordable and cost-effective.

Reducing time and human error in document processing with OCR technology

The system uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition/Reader, Image Recognition) technology, which is a technology to read the handwritten or printed character image by an image scanner and convert them into character codes to transform paper documents into digital data.

By utilizing OCR technology, users do not need to manually enter PO numbers and document management numbers, so it is possible to prevent error in manual registration.  Moreover, the system can be modified to read handwritten documents and support multiple languages.

We have installed the e-document control system for major automobile manufacturers, logistics companies and manufacturing factories and received good feedbacks from them regarding the efficiency of office work and the improvement of productivity.

In addition to our basic system package, iCONEXT can provide you a consultation and customize flexible function based on your requirements.

If you have any concerns about improving the efficiency of office operations, or if you are interested in our e-document control system, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.

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