4 Solutions to support new normal office work
during COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our daily life has significantly changed. The lifestyle and working style during such situation has truly become the “New Normal”. It is necessary to take various measures to reduce the risk of cluster infection among employees and prevent the spread of infection in companies and factories.

Examples of measures that have been used are as below.
✓ Social distancing
✓ Reducing number of employees working in the office
✓ Applying “Work from home” solution

At present, the end of the COVID-19 situation is still invisible, so we have to implement these measures continuously.

Build an environment where employees can work anytime, anywhere

Doing business amid the COVID-19 crisis like this, the adoption of IT systems has a huge impact on supporting employees to work conveniently and efficiently no matter where they work. We believe that improving work efficiency by using IT systems that can support our work in the New Normal will be indispensable in business operations after the end of this COVID-19 crisis.

Thus we would like to introduce our office work supporting solutions as follows.

1.E-Document Control System (Paperless Solution)

It is an online data management system using OCR (Optical Character Recognition/Reader, Image Recognition) technology to read the handwritten or printed character image by an image scanner and convert them into character codes to transform paper documents into digital data.

This will enhance the efficiency of document management in the office, and reduce space for keeping paper documents.

By using this document management system,  employees and relevant persons of the company can access necessary documents via online anytime, anywhere. Document approval can also be done quickly and easily through this system. The information which has been converted into electronic format is protected with the highest level of security by data encryption. Implementing of this system, therefore, is highly effective for companies that need to manage large volumes of documents.

2.Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This is a robotic process automation solution to support repetitive human tasks. Using RPA can reduce working time and let employees do other more valuable tasks.

3.WEB Portal System (Online human resource management system)

It is a web portal to share and manage internal data in the company, including employee data via online anywhere and anytime, for example;

  • Managing time attendance data of employees
  • Sharing training courses
  • Reserving meeting rooms and company cars
  • Viewing project members and managing projects

The system is easy-to-use because it can be accessed and managed remotely as well as sharing the above data via online.

4.Time attentance system suitable for working from home

Nowadays, working outside the office and working from home have become normal working style but many companies may still have problems in recording time attendance of employees and how to calculate working hours accurately. Using this system will help HR department manage and create time attendance report and workplace of employees easier.

iCONEXT company as a specialist of IT system development can provide you consulting services for improving office work.  We can recommend a solution package that is suitable for the customer’s business and customize the system according to the customer’s requirements.

If you want more details or consultation regarding office work supporting solutions, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.