“Workplace visualization” by utilizing IoT solutions!
Use cases of manufacturing business, logistics,
warehousing business and RPA

IoT (Internet of Things) is a solution combining hardware (devices) and the Internet. In recent years, many businesses in Thailand have adopted IoT to improve work efficiency in offices and factories.

iCONEXT company collaborates with PATLITE Company, the world’s best known manufacturer of visual and audible signaling devices from Japan, to propose IoT solutions that can support various business operations in Thailand. Today we would like to introduce samples of IoT solution utilized by each industry from some of our achievements.

1. Manufacturing business: Production system in parts assembly process

Overview: Preventing mistakes of target parts in parts assembly process. By connecting an IoT device to the production control system and when any error occurs on the production line, the signal light will notify the operator. On the system screen, it shows images of the target parts that the operator needs to take, so it can prevent picking the wrong parts.

Result: Productivity has increased by reducing errors.

2. Warehousing business: Inventory management that eliminates human errors

Overview: It is an inventory management solution utilizing traceability system. Just scan the shipping instructions or the QR code on the product package, the signal light at the product storage location will be turned on automatically to notify the operator of the correct location.

Result: It reduces human error in product storage location and increases work efficiency.

3. Logistics: Delivery management system

Overview: A delivery management system developed to accurately load products onto trucks according to customer orders. LED signal tower lights show the progress of product loading, and the operating status can be monitored in real time from a remote location. Moreover, we set to show the alarm light in case an error occurred in the operation.

Result: It reduces wrong shipments and lets person in charge provide prompt response when problems occur.

4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Monitoring and visualization of the progress of automatic quotation creation

Overview: It is the system to manage progress of the quotation created automatically by RPA. When a mistake or an error occurs somewhere, the progress is notified in real time by the color of the signal light in order to solve the problems of “Unable to know the error quickly” and “Difficult to grasp the progress”. The signal light makes it easy to monitor the progress.

Result: It notifies the detected error in real time, visualizes the progress and prevents damages.

*Applicable business types: Trading companies, logistics, finance, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc.

In the solution introduced above, we use “LA6-POE series”, which has a high cost performance and has a good balance between function and price among the LED signal tower lights of PATLITE.

In order to select IoT technology according to each industry and purpose of use, it is necessary to clarify the requirements from the user’s perspective. iCONEXT provides the solutions that meet the customers’ issues and concerns, so please feel free to contact us first.

If you are considering using IoT solutions in the manufacturing industry, logistics industry, warehousing industry in Thailand, or if you are interested in RPA progress management, please contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.