Increase efficiency of logistics and delivery planning
with logistics management system!
Reduce cost and increase supply chain efficiency

Product delivery is an important business process in the manufacturing and distribution industry, but the following problems tend to occur in logistics and delivery process in Thailand.

  • Insufficient system for managing shipment and delivery plans
  • Wrong product delivery
  • Delayed delivery due to mistakes during the preparation process
  • Neither the shipping side nor the receiving side can track and confirm the delivery status.

Increase work efficiency & reduce cost with 4 convenient functions of logistics management system

iCONEXT has developed a logistics management system to solve the above problems and allows entrepreneurs and transporters to manage product delivery easily and efficiently.

Features of logistics management system

1.Automatically create the suitable delivery route
All you have to do is upload the information required for delivery to the system, and it will automatically create efficient delivery routes and calculate the vehicle arrangements. It also provides a function to calculate shipping costs for each product.

According to our customer, in the past, it took an average of 4 hours to create a delivery route based on shipping instruction document but by using this system, it can shorten the time to about just 30 minutes.

▲Sample of delivery route creating screen

2.Prevent mistakes in shipment and delayed delivery.
Before loading products into a truck, staffs just scan product barcodes to ensure the accurate quantity and other required standards. If any error occurs in this process, the system will immediately send a notification message to related persons to inform them of the status and to minimize delays in product delivery.

▲Image of product loading

3.Delivery status monitoring
The system uses GPS to track the transportation status. You can see the current location of delivery trucks, detailed information of the cargo, etc. by using the application (web / mobile). In addition, the delivery status of each customer is also updated and shown on the application as well.

▲Image of delivery tracking

4.Proof of delivery

This is a function to notify and record the delivery status of the ordered product to the customer.
When the product has been prepared and the shipment is approved, a notification will be automatically sent to the customer, and the customer will be able to know the status of the product. Delivery will be completed when the customer receives and approves the product.

▲Image of delivery flow

Advantages of using logistics management system

By utilizing the above functions, entrepreneurs and transporters can obtain the following benefits.

Transportation cost reduction
Improving supply chain efficiency by preventing mistakes and delays in delivery
Checking and tracking delivery status in real time
Improving production efficiency and warehouse space utilization

We can also customize the system according to the customer’s requirement and issues.

If you are worried about the efficiency of logistics and delivery planning in Thailand, or if you would like to see the demo version of the logistics management system, please feel free to contact us at

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