What is the best time attendance management solution
for teleworking / working from home?
A tool that can link with your current system is recommended

The number of companies introducing telework (remote work) has increased rapidly due to COVID-19 pandemic. This rapid change has caused many companies to worry about the “Method to manage employees’ time attendance”.

Below is HR department’s problems occurred while employees are unable to work in the office.
Don’t know the actual clock-in and clock-out of employees
It’s troublesome to manage data about working hours, late or absence of each employee
Don’t know where employees are

How to manage the attendance data of remote work (working from home) accurately and efficiently?

Using email or chat application instead of finger scanner is a common method of communication between supervisors and employees when employees are working from home or outside the company. But it is inconvenient for the HR department because it takes a long time to collect the data to summarize into a daily report.

iCONEXT therefore introduces the system “iWORK” which is a Time Attendance system that can record and manage time attendance information of employees by online.


iWORK, a time attendance recording system can help you determine the location of employees!

You can use iWORK to clock in/out from a PC or smartphone, and the location information at that time can also be recorded. It is ideal for occupations with multiple workplaces, such as logistics, finance, insurance companies, on-site engineers, and sales.
In addition, iWORK data can be imported into the system (human resource management system, etc.) used in the office currently, so you can continue using the existing time attendance system together with iWORK.

How to use iWORK system

For employees who work remotely

  • Log in to the system via Web browser
  • Select working place from pull-down menu *You can also input a message for your supervisor
  • Clock in
  • Clock out

For supervisors

  • Log in to the system via Web browser
  • Review and manage information recorded by employees
  • Automatically issue Excel report based on the configuration, for example, set to issue the report 2 times daily

Time attendance reports can be customized to make it easier to use, such as automatically sending by e-mail and automatically linking with existing systems.

Attendance management of remote work becomes easier with user-friendly screens and automatic reports!

Features of iWORK

1. Know quickly where employees are working

2. Multiple workplaces can be registered

▲Employee just requested to add more location and after it is approved by superior, such location will be registered as a workplace

3. Select to view daily data or by employee

4. Time attendance data is converted to Excel file automatically.

▲Sample of time attendance report (Able to set the format which is easy to use)

5. Also support attendance recording from smartphone

▲Using smartphones or tablets with GPS, you can collect more accurate location than using a PC

Please contact us for optional functions or customization.

For example, in case you want to “report illness such as headache, fever”, we will design an easy-to-use system based on your requirement. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or any functions you want to add.

In addition, we also provide consulting services on how to manage and use data in the organization. If you want to see a demo version of iWORK, the time attendance management solution, please contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.