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Training Course “Basic Knowledge of Machine Learning”
and Workshop by iCONEXT

Businesses using AI technology need experts who can support the business development.

Nowadays, companies all over the world are increasingly using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Machine Learning, which is like the brain of AI, will automatically learn data patterns with various algorithms and apply the result in various businesses. For example, financial institution can use machine learning to predict customer grade for loan or credit card approval.

Thailand has an increasing demand for AI and machine learning experts. Especially in organizations that use machine learning technology need Data Scientists who have knowledge of mathematics and statistics to analyze the data and use machine learning to create a model, then explain the prediction result to other related departments for further business improvement.

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Let’s join “Training and workshop on machine learning fundamentals” to gain knowledge, understanding and put ML to practical use

iCONEXT has Data Science professionals who keep up to date with the latest technology and are ready to give advice, train customers, propose suitable solutions, as well as explain the solutions to customers until they are understand and be able to implement the solutions in practice.

So we conduct this “Basic knowledge of machine learning” course for people who want to learn ML. This course explains how to implement machine learning in real business situation, introduce how to prepare data before importing to machine learning, as well as doing a joint workshop to create a prediction model.

Details of “Basic Knowledge of Machine Learning” and workshop

Time: 3 hours (9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00)
Date: Select 1 day from Monday – Friday every the 2nd week of the month
Language: Thai
Agenda :
■Basic knowledge of Machine Learning
■Use case in real business situation
■Workshop to create a prediction model

If you are a data analyst who wants to go beyond the traditional statistical models and is interested in attending this course, you can register for free by clicking here, and select your available date time.

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