[Machine Learning] It’s time to use AI for data analysis

“Data is the new oil” Data is the most important key for each enterprise to defeat other companies in the same business.

iCONEXT understands rapid changes in today’s business environment, so we would like to introduce “DAVinCI LABS”, an automated machine learning tool to help you meet your customers’ business needs.

This article is an interview of Mr. Shawn Lee, Southeast Asia Business Leader of ailys Co., Ltd. He told us many things about basic knowledge of Machine Learning and “DAVinCI LABS”.

Shawn Lee / Senior Consultant
ailys Co., Ltd.
(Previos name: Solidware Co., Ltd.)

Basic knowledge of machine learning

What is machine learning?

You can think of machine learning as sub category of an artificial intelligence that enable you to precisely assess current business situation and provide insight for your future business plans. (Or simply put measurement of future)

Why does machine learning matter?

With ever changing and unknown factors in the market place, assessing current business situation quickly and accurately becomes ever more important through data, alongside of domain knowledge as well.  There is so much that a person can intuitively understand and plan for future but with machine learning and human intuition (domain knowledge), one have much greater possibilities on accomplishing what they desire.

What are advantages and disadvantages of machine learning?

Advantage is as per the questions above. Machine learning enables you to precisely assess current business situation and provide insight for your future business plans. Disadvantage would be that there is a bit of learning to do as with any product or technology that is new but other than that I personally can’t really find any reasons not to use machine learning.

How does machine learning work?

Simply put, it looks at all of the relationships that can be considered when making a model instead of just looking at few that a human picks out. Supervised learning works by looking at relationship to target (what you want to find out) in different ways via different algorithms with countless number of times and finds a pattern so that you can foresee what will happen in the future.

Why do we use machine learning?

To make our lives easier by managing risks much effectively (for financial institution- decrease default rate, increase collection rate, increase number of customers and etc.)

It is said that machine learning is difficult to use, how can we use it?

Depending on the method of using machine learning, it can be difficult (especially with traditional technologies) or it can be very easy. With DAVinCI LABS, you can use machine learning very easily with just few clicks.

DAVinCI LABS simplifies data analysis by using AI !

What is DAVinCI LABS?

DAVinCI LABS is automated machine learning solution developed by expert data scientists. It is offered in both Cloud base and On-Premise with many features such as data pre-processing to help you prepare data before creating a prediction model.  You can create a prediction model automatically even you are not a data scientist. Moreover, you can download the prediction model in .jar file or API.

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What are strong points of DAVinCI LABS?

DAVinCI LABS is practical to use (even for nonexperts) with high performance. It is easy to expand the use scope to other businesses and utilized as platform within the firm.

Why do you think that DAVinCI LABS is suitable for Thailand market?

We believe that Thailand is a growing market with full of potential. Thailand has been one of the first mover to embrace and lead the implement new technologies in Southeast Asia to grow their businesses and manage the risks. Thus, with rise of importance to utilize data and adapt to ever so changing market place, we believe Thai people will understand the importance and would like to support their businesses via DAVinCI LABS.

iCONEXT is the sole official distributor of DAVinCI LABS in Thailand.

If you want more details of “DAVinCI LABS”, please feel free to contact us at machinelearning@iconext.co.th.

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