Why paperless solution is necessary in this digital age?

Paperless solution is the way to keep paper documents in digital format to reduce using paper documents. In other words, it is a paper saving concept.

Let’s see if your organization is facing the following problems or not.

– Large number of documents are increasing every year.

– Paper costs such as purchasing, storing, destroying documents are increasing gradually.

– Documents lost occur during processing and it is difficult to keep tracing them so finally you need to create a new document instead.

– It takes time for document approval process because there are many steps to deal with paper documents.

– Documents finding and checking also take time.

-Paper documents might be seen by unauthorized persons.

If you are facing these problems, we believe that our paperless solution can help you solve them.

The advantages of our paperless system for document management are as below.

1. Reduce the cost of paper

2. Easily store documents on server with electronic format and can be recovered as well

3. Improve data security with password encryption

4. Improve work efficiency by using an online approval flow

Examples of documents which can be dealt with by this paperless solution are as follows

– E-Salary Slip sent to employees by e-mail

– Electronic document of withholding tax certificate or 50 Tawi

– Electronic document of various personal certificates

– Electronic purchase order issued by E-Procurement system

In addition to the above advantages, this paperless solution can prevent unnecessary contact during the COVID-19 pandemic and it is also easy to send and receive documents even when employees are working at home.

If you want more details of “Paperless Solution”, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.