“iWORK”, a time attendance and workplace recording system to support “Work from home” and “Telework” concept

iWORK is a time attendance record system developed by iCONEXT Co., Ltd. This system facilitates employees to clock in and clock out anywhere. It also keeps the current location of the employees automatically when they record time attendance. HR department or supervisors can also check the workplace of each employee from anywhere because it can be used on both PC and smartphone. iWORK is suitable for the modern organizations where employees don’t always need to work in the offices.

Why iWORK?
1. With the concept of work from anywhere, we designed the system to be able to access easily via the Internet browser on a computer or a smartphone.

2. iWORK system supports flexible workstyle for both the organizations with many workplaces and the organizations with different working time.

3. Data from iWORK system can be integrated with your current HR system, so HR department doesn’t waste time to manually collect the time attendance data.

4. HR department or supervisors can utilize the time attendance data as a part of staff’s performance evaluation.

Main features of iWORK

  1. HR and supervisors can check time attendance records of employees.
  2. The clock-in/clock-out time and location data are kept in the system, so HR and supervisors can check whether each employee is working in the specified zone or not.
  3. HR and supervisors can check work location records of the employees.
  4. Clock-in / clock-out time and working area can be managed flexibly in case there are many workplaces.
  5. Administrator and HR can easily manage user permission.
  6. Time attendance report can be automatically sent via e-mail to related persons.

Click here for how to use iWORK system

iWORK system is very suitable for the organizations or the businesses whose employees have to work at many places e.g. logistics business, finance business, insurance business, onsite engineer, salesperson. In addition to the basic functions of iWORK system, iCONEXT team can also customize the system to meet various requirements of each company. For example, we are ready to support if you want to link between iWORK system and your currently HR system.

If your company has a policy to let employees work from anywhere, we believe that iWORK system can help your employees do clock-in/clock-out conveniently. HR department can also work easily because it summarizes employees’ time attendance records and sends to HR and supervisors via e-mail automatically, so they can check the data immediately.

If you want more details of “iWORK system”, please feel free to contact us at thaisales@iconext.co.th.