“IT Outsourcing” A tool to drive your organization
through COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has spread rapidly and severely and has impacted the world, brought about challenges in Thailand business sector. The government sector and related agencies have tried hard to control and prevent the pandemic but until now it cannot be controlled. Number of daily confirmed cases has increased and affected broadly to the economic and the society. Especially the third wave of this outbreak (Since April 2021) has a heavy impact, forcing many businesses to reduce costs as much as possible. For example, lay off their employees and sell some parts of their businesses. Some of them have to stop the business because they couldn’t fight any more. To keep the business continuing, many organizations need to change their operation and adjust their service while managing the organization to adapt to the new lifestyle during this pandemic.

Social distancing is required to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic and reduce the spread of infection. Many organizations allow employee to work from home. For those who are reading this article, this may be the first time of your working life to work from home in this new normal era. You have to join the conference call meeting via Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom, or use Google Docs to share documents to your team via online channel, and all these activities depend on IT technology. From the above-mentioned COVID-19 pandemic has urged many organizations to urgently adjust their business plans because if they continue to operate the same, they may confront the bad effect soon. One of the methods that many organizations have adopted internally is to develop and invest more in IT to replace the traditional working style.

Most companies are developing software or adopting IT technology by their IT department but those IT persons may not have specialized skill, so they can only do general system maintenance but cannot develop enterprise software by themselves. Thus IT Outsourcing Services have become widely popular because such services can support the companies to develop systems in a short time to keep up with changes during this COVID-19 pandemic.

According to THE BANGKOK INSIGHT, Gartner predicts 5% IT spending growth in Thailand in 2021. Enterprise software is forecast to see the biggest growth with a 13.6%, followed by data center system with a 10.9%, IT devices with a 9.5%, and communication services with a 2.8% rise. It is expected that by 2024, all organizations will be forced to transform their business towards a more complete digital system. Here are some examples of using IT technology in the companies; adopting a workflow system to approve electronics document, setting up data center and cloud solution to centralize the entire data, using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software to help human do repetitive tasks, providing data prediction to analyze customer behavior and to improve products and services, and predictive analytics in marketing based on the existing data and utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning technology.

6 benefits of using IT outsourcing services

1. Specialized skill

Outsourced workers have knowledge, skills, experience in specific fields, know deeply in their specialized field, and always update their skill regarding new technology. They also know what needs to be done to meet your business needs. They can give you advice and suggest some techniques that can help you increase the efficiency of your organization.

2. Get started quickly

Outsourced workers can get started IT tasks immediately. Employers just only inform of their needs and current problems in their works, then IT outsourced staff will analyze those needs, suggest, design and develop software promptly in a short time.

3. Able to work from anywhere

An advantage of IT work is that employees can work from anywhere. IT outsourced staff also do not need to always work at the customer’s site but they can work from anywhere, so this working style meets the new normal lifestyle and it can also reduce the risk of  COVID-19 infection.

4. Low cost and save time

IT outsourced staff can work immediately because they are already experienced and familiar with IT job.  Thus, you can save time and cost in developing full-time staff training. Moreover, IT outsourced staff can help you develop IT systems so you can focus more on your core business.

5. High flexibility and low risk

IT outsourcing service provides a high degree of flexibility because the team assigned to your organization will maintain your network and software systems during the contract period. In case any outsourced staff resigned, the service provider guarantees to find a new staff immediately, so it has a very low risk to interrupt your work.

6. Businesses can continue after COVID-19 pandemic

IT outsourcing service changes your way to hire permanent staff and helps you to adjust your services in order to meet new normal lifestyle and be able to overcome the competitors in the same business industry, so you can move to digital system perfectly.