Tailor-made system development Service
Tailor-made system development is……
To build business application from zero
We call it ※ Scratch
※Scratch is…
To develop system without using any source cord and model of the other package software
~Development purpose~
To build strategic and differentiated system,
which utilizes original business know-how of your company
Merit and Demerit
~Comparison between package software with Tailor-made system~
【Commercial package software】
Short development time , Stable operation
  • reasonable if your operation can be fitted
  • short time of introducing system because function is already prepared
  • certain quality because of large market share
【Tailor-made system development】
Optimal functionality, good usability
  • you don’t need to change your operation. System can be built as you want, which is adapted to your operation.
  • you can add additional function with extension of your business.
  • you can use system long time because it’s well suited for your operation.
Limitation of functionality and extensibility
  • you might lose superiority because you can use only fixed function
  • it takes more cost and time if you customizes basic function or add original function
  • hard to extent system flexibly with extension of your business content
long development time, unstable quality
  • more expensive than comical package software
  • it takes long time to introduce system because of long development time
  • it takes long time until operation become stable
Method of tailor-made system development
~Waterfall model ~
Until previous process complete, next process can’t progress. Confirming outcome of previous process, we minimize the risk of returning previous process.
<flow of waterfall model>
~Prototype model~
Create prototype, test it with user and designer and then create new prototype by considering test. By repeating this process, project will proceed.
<flow of prototype model >
<Merit of prototype model>
Shorten development time and keep quality stability
1)easy to image actual screen
By making requirement specification while looking at the screen image, we can develop user-friendly system. For example, we can select right position of button.
2) adaptable to requirement change
Requirement change can be acceptable easily even on design or implementation phase since design and implementation phase are repeated while confirming requirements.
3)shorten development time untill acceptance test
By repeating implementation and test phase, we can minimize the risk of major specification change in acceptance test phase and critical bug.
Development experience
~Production line control system ~
Improving operational error of production line and boost productivity.
Tablet display shows production plan and achievement rate of operation on a real time basis. Also it explains which components are assembled to which semi-processed goods and how they are assembled by using picture and illustration.
~Warehouse Management System~
Improving inspection error on receiving and shipping
WMS by barcode scanner
Improving quality of stock data by using barcode scanner when receiving, storing and shipping components. barcode scanner prevents you from inspection error.
Pallet management by RFID
By attaching RFID to pallet, you know when its used, who using it, where it is.That prevents you from losing pallet and corporate asset.
Carry efficiency simulator
By simulating optimal loading way to container when you transport products by track or ship, you can cut waste of transportation and reduce cost.
~Smartphone application development~

supported Smart phone and tablet-type device
supported latest iOS/Android
Download from iTunes and Google Play
We make efforts to standardize the development process and management.
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