IT System Consulting Service
We propose the Optimal Systems for each customer.
We focus on customer’s current system environment by survey and analyze, check against business contents, then propose required system with the most suitable form. We provide the BEST system solution to all customers.

Project Coordinator has High Technical Skill and Language Skill. We can get your right requirement by Zero Miscommunication.
Approach from three different views
Highly-qualified expert provides consulting service from the customer's point of view.

Even in same company we have the different purpose and outcome of introduction system, depending on position.

If we respect and follow only the opinion of company executive and build the system, that system could be ill-suited for users and cannot be used by users. Also if we accept only the opinion of users, there is a danger that system has security problem and operational issue.

We consider what system is best suited for the customer from each different position’s point of view and propose best solution which creates win-win situation for all.
Tailor-made system development Service
We build the Best System by Tailor-Made Solution.

We will provide the BEST Practice for each customer by Tailor-Made Solution. We can develop the Original Business Application as you any request.

We can develop any Manufacturing Systems such as Production, Cost, Sales, Purchase Management. Other developed systems are related to Financial and Retail.
We consider any factors with carefully such as a Functionality, Usability, and Maintainability for each requirements. We provide Best Practice by Best System.

Tailor-Made Solution example.

AS/400 Services
We provide Good Service related with AS/400.
We can develop Mission-Critical System on IBM AS/400 environment. Also, we can provide Manpower Resource Outsourcing respond to AS/400.

IT Outsourcing Services
We provide High-Performance Engineers as necessary.
It is not easy to Employ and keep IT staffs in Thailand. To settle IT staff is not only in personnel aspect but various Know-How is required. By using our outsourcing service, you can solve the complicated problem caused from manpower.

We fulfill your requirements both On-Site and Off-Site.Moreover, we can support in off-basic business hours such as Early Morning, Midnight and Holidays.
Other Services
Business Intelligence Tool.
We develop one’s BI system for each customers by using MS-SQL Server function to make Data Visualization. You can Analyze rapidly your Big Scale Data as you like to make Good Decision.

Be able to migrate multiple Database among different types of computers with seamless. Then, be able to Modify the Unified Data as you like to make Reports such as Sales, Financial Report.

Server Setting

We provide some Server Hardware solution from Sizing, up to Delivery and Setting Operation.

Network Construction

We also provide Network Services such as LAN construction, Web-Server / Mail Server Setup, and Active Directory Install.

We are providing other Package Software such as Container Carry Efficiency Simulator, and Coil Center Template.
We make efforts to standardize the development process and management.
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