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We manage iCONEXT with high spirit, high prestige and honest mind as well as contributing to society. We are aiming at “The Company Development” by concentrating on customer satisfaction as the first priority, and staff’s happiness as the second priority to push forward our business.


We develop human resource by applying a personnel system that good work should be rewarded and bad work punished, and a strategic educational program to build a group of personnel required for the society. We create an environment where all employees can express their opinions freely and voluntarily, and aim at full participation management. We try to create “Generous persons” who have a creative idea and all persons who related to iCONEXT should be rich in spirit and life.

~System Engineering Division~
Parkpoom Sinitwarakul

Employees who have a lot of experience in IT industry gathered at iCONEXT. We provide one-stop service relating to IT by focusing on employee’s capability, product quality, reasonable price and delivery date, and after service. Not only improving quality of the service, but we also optimize our employee’s quality of life by providing lots of welfare, environment for employee to express their ideas freely, and chances for career advancement.

~General Affairs Division~
Yoshinori SAKURAI

We are aiming for the organization that can contribute to society via IT. We push forward our business by following compliance laws, training our employee to have professional awareness, and giving first priority to customer satisfaction. Moreover, we build a fair and lively workplace together with improving our employee’s satisfaction.

We provide “IT One-Stop Solution Service”.
Our main business is to provide various IT relating services e.g. system consulting service to support customers’ business activities, application system development of core system/operation system, package system installation service, system operation and maintenance service, IT outsourcing service, server/network construction.

In addition, iCONEXT has a “Project Coordinator Team” who can support many languages with a deep knowledge of IT and manufacturing business, so we can effectively support requirement definition and specification confirmation by English as well as Japanese language.

Company Profile
Company Name :
Established Date :
November 11, 2010
121/30, RS Tower Building, 7th and 28th Floor, Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND
Capital :
12 Million Baht
Representative :
Board Members :
System Engineer Director : Parkpoom Sinitwarakul
GA/HR/Accounting Director : Yoshinori SAKURAI
Employees :
122 persons (Japanese 3 persons) *As of Aug. 2017
Contact :
TEL: +662-642-3608, FAX: +662-642-3460
Website :
Development Experience
  • Japanese Financial Service Company
    - Web Member Site System for customers
    - Mobile Application for customers
    - Financial Open System
    - Manpower Outsourcing for System Developing Team & User Support Team
  • Japanese Automobile Maker Company
    - Production Planning System
    - Production Line Control System
    - Inventory Control System of RFID
    - Enhance Current System of AS400
  • Japanese Automobile Supplier Company
    - Sales Reporting System
    - Enhance for WEB Portal System
    - Implement of Accounting & HR Package System
    - Costing System
  • Japanese Electric Consumer Company
    - BI System for Global Accounting System
  • Japanese Coil Center Company
    - Consultation for ERP Package
  • Japanese Game Company
    - Manpower Outsourcing for Develop Mobile Game Contents for Japan
Near by MRT Thailand Cultural Centre
121/30, RS Tower Building, 7th and 28th Floor, Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng,
Bangkok 10400 THAILAND

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Please feel free to contact us.
121/30, RS Tower Building, 7th and 28th Floor, Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND