AS/400 Services
We provide Good Service related with AS/400.
We can develop Mission-Critical System on IBM AS/400 environment. Also, we can provide Manpower Resource Outsourcing respond to AS/400.

Downsizing mainframe asset as necessary.

As the industrial structure change dramatically, we need to change business style constantly to keep company viable.

Therefore, information system to support business also needs extensibility and flexibility to adapt to dramatic change of business.

Mainframe has high reliability and robustness. It’s one of the most stable systems and many business applications still operate in mainframe. Also, not only huge quantities of application asset but also business know-how are accumulated in mainframe.

Certainly, System developed in mainframe has high-security and high-reliability. However, mainframe has some problems. It’s hard to enhance system in mainframe and difficult to settle engineer in office. Also it’s no rare thing that company has operational issue of mainframe.

On the other hand, open system is very flexible to environmental change and easy to be enhanced and quick to be built.

We remove customer’s business application from mainframe and rebuild business application in open platform without losing customer’s operation know-how.

Mainframe and Open System work together for mutual harmony and benefit.

We remove business application one by one from old mainframe and rebuild same application in open environment by using Java and so on when mainframe needs maintenance.

We improve operation productivity as well as whole company productivity and make cost saving by building well -suited system for business environment.

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